When You’re Feeling Low it’s Time to Get…

When you’re feeling low it’s time to get… to yoga class.

You thought I was going somewhere else with that didn’t you?…Well, keep reading!

I wanted to find a yoga class that was a truly unique Colorado experience. Ooh did I find one! The class had to be relaxing but still serve as a workout in case that was the only activity we did. I found the perfect match: Elevated Yoga Flow at Cluster Studios with SoundOff Colorado! Yup, this is cannabis yoga. Ever tried it?

Truthfully, I needed the exercise more to de-stress because graduate school has been bringing me down. I am a happy, bubbly person so I don’t like feeling out of my element! Some people relax with a glass of Rose, but (FUN FACT!) I do not drink alcohol. I’ll sip if you ask, but it’s not my substance of choice.

So, do you really get elevated?

Yes..only if you want to of course! No one is pushy, this is your time. It is completely optional.

The yoga class began at 6:30 pm, but we were encouraged to get there at 6 if we wanted to partake in the elevating activities and make it a ‘cannabis yoga’ experience. Stillwater Marijuana Mint tea was served alongside some fresh, green flower.

Denver Yoga Class Elevated Yoga Flow

We spent the first half hour getting elevated outside and then headed in for yoga. I had my SoundOff Colorado headphones on the whole time so it was an totally immersive experience.

How was the yoga?

Blissful! I truly needed every element of that yoga flow led by Ashton August, co-founder of YogiApproved.com. There were twisting poses, which I loved because that makes my mind work in an abstract way. There were balancing poses, which I have really got to work on because I don’t do them. That again was mentally strengthening, not because of the tea or flower ;-).

The Music!

Oh, I have to bring up the set list because it was amazing. This totally set the mood. SoundOff headphones & yoga are a perfect pair, especially for someone like me whose mind is constantly running.

Elevated Yoga Flow was everything I hoped cannabis yoga would be , a truly unique experience for my guest and myself, a physical workout, and I definitely de-stressed.

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