The Ultimate Full Body Workout: ‘Ripped on the Rocks’

Your sprint becomes a climb, your climb becomes a fierce struggle to reach the top – then you hop on the TRX® Rip Trainer “octopus” and blast into full body strength and core stability exercises. Like peanut butter and chocolate or, my fave, caramel and chocolate – whatever the heck you like – the combo is undeniable. And, I swear, accessible to everyone! You don’t need to be an elite athlete or in your twenties or thirties to do this.

Red Rocks is world renown for legendary concerts and breathtaking views of Denver, and is just as stunning while hiking trails & climbing the stairs. Whether you embark on your Red Rocks adventure with a group, on your own, or with a friend – you can’t go wrong. It’s a must-do in Denver.

Carla Sanchez, owner of Performance Ready Fitness Studio and Mike Brady, TRX instructor take your Red Rocks workout to a whole new level with ‘Ripped on the Rocks’. In between stair climbing, running, jumping, hopping and whatever else Carla comes up with to get you up those stairs, Mike greets you at the top with TRX Rip Trainer intervals. It all adds up to a ‘Colorado Proud’ Workout: Red Rocks Amphitheater, rocking the stairs, and the TRX Rip Trainer, an innovative conditioning tool created by Colorado’s own Pete Holman.

Workout with Carla at Performance Ready Fitness Studio. Read the FitLo Review.


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