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What is the hardest workout? Syphus Training stakes this claim.

An all-levels, high intensity progressive circuit training workout that will challenge your fitness, whether you are a professional athlete or exercise newbie.

This post is from my first visit to Syphus Training in Aug 2015. We are reposted for our Facebook Live FitLo Fitness Chat with Mike Hackett, Founder & CEO Syphus Training (Wed, Nov 30 5 pm MST / 7 pm EST).

Recently I visited my hometown in the Detroit area, and connected with my childhood friend, Carly Cass. Growing up, we were inseparable, dance-obsessed besties. Now we are both dedicated to helping people find their connection to health, wellness and fitness. Carly mentioned she recently started a new fitness program that was homegrown in Detroit, Michigan by Mike Hackett, CEO and Creator of the hardest workout – Syphus Training.

What is Syphus Training? I watched the video…”The hardest workout.” Really? Immediately thought, I must do this. Two days later, I joined Carly for my first Syphus Training workout. It was 5:30 am, the garage doors were up, it was dark and there was a chill in the early morning air- a good day to try a workout completely different from any I’ve done before. What the hell did I just get myself in to?

The Hardest Workout Syphus Training: Become a ball of fire. Detroit, MI gym
Syphus Training: Become a ball of fire.

Mike founded the Syphus Training method through circuit training he did with his professional athlete clients. Gym members started asking about the unique exercises and wanted to try for themselves – why keep the workout exclusive to professional athletes? In 2010 Mike put more structure around the exercises and Syphus Training was born. Since then Mike has opened four Syphus Training fitness studio locations in the Detroit area with more locations on the way.

I had the privilege of meeting and training with Mike that morning. I LOVE training with the founder of a studio or workout. It’s incredibly powerful to experience firsthand how they’ve passionately packaged up their life experience, knowledge and expertise, and created something unique to inspire others achieve their goals.

Mike was no exception. He is extremely kind, articulate and intelligent. With a subtle, yet strong presence, he stands to empower you to train from within and forget about external vanities. With nothing more than your own body weight and one weighted plate, you power through a white board list of distinctive exercises for 60 minutes with the understanding you will likely not complete the list, and, if you do, there will be more. An ‘off the mat’ concept to stay present and keep going. Focus on your form and technique of the current exercise, understand there is more to come, but for now, get your ass across the damn turf! There’s no final destination, it’s all a journey. Seriously, I don’t care if it sounds cliché, because this statement is what fitness really is: an ongoing journey.

The workout is different every time you enter the Syphus Training gym. However, each unique exercise has been mindfully named and combined to create a high intensity, progressive circuit training workout that is balanced and intelligent. Each time you work out you get a score for your session based on the exercises and the time taken to execute them. The coaches keep track of your score so you can focus on challenging your personal best in the moment. Scores are entered into a data system online so you can track your progress with yourself and other members.

Before the workout began, Mike gave me a bench mark of how far along the white board list most first-timers make it. I was determined to get past that point. With a steady focus to maintain consistency and take advantage of my strengths (a workout strategy I learned at Crossfit Broadway – Thanks Jason Kelly!), I blew past the benchmark. I was told my completion score put me in the upper 5% of first-timers.  It was thrilling. Yet, I know that means I only need to push harder the next time. Plus, I had the altitude in my favor – Living and training in Denver is great in so many ways!

Are you feelin’ the Syphus Training? Curious about whether it really is the hardest workout? I think it’s a relative label for a workout since workouts are all about your personal connection. For me, it was a mo-fo of a workout and I’m excited to test myself again on the Syphus Turf.  What do you think? Should Syphus come to Denver?

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