Motivating, FUN, and Non-Intimidating Fitness?

Shouldn’t fitness be Motivating, FUN, and Non-Intimidating? FitLo thinks it should and 212Degree Fitness definitely fits this description. A few months back I visited 212Degree Fitness and met the owner, Delisa Novak. The studio is tucked away off Kipling and Bowles in a strip mall. It is a small set up, but with all the GOODS! TRX Suspension & Ripp… Read more →

The Ultimate Full Body Workout: ‘Ripped on the Rocks’

Your sprint becomes a climb, your climb becomes a fierce struggle to reach the top – then you hop on the TRX® Rip Trainer “octopus” and blast into full body strength and core stability exercises. Like peanut butter and chocolate or, my fave, caramel and chocolate – whatever the heck you like – the combo is undeniable. And, I swear,… Read more →

Meet Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach: Andrea Hollander

FIT on Broadway – Denver Andrea Hollander – Denver Andrea is driven by a passion to tailor each workout beyond the physical. She believes that as a trainer, it is imperative to help balance how a person is feeling physically AND emotionally. Whether a client needs to get out aggression with intense strength conditioning, zone out with straight cardio or… Read more →