It’s time to shred. Top 5 Ski Conditioning & Recovery Tips

It’s time to shred. Is your BOD ready for ski season? Let’s talk ski conditioning and recovery. It’s early in the season and the snow is coming down in Colorado. SO STOKED! Has your body caught up with your enthusiasm? Chances are, you are like most people and the first few times out are thrilling, yet the recovery is a challenge…. Read more →

Sculpt Yoga with Jay Hart

CorePower Yoga – Highlands, Denver Jay Hart – Denver Sculpt Yoga classes at CorePower Yoga have been around for many years now but it’s only recently that I’ve found a class that keeps me coming back, every week: Sculpt Yoga with Jay Hart. Jay’s class is Sunday morning at 9 am at the Highlands CPY studio (one of her many… Read more →

5 Tips for Fitting In Your Fitness

Say that fast five times. Never mind- you don’t have time. You need to focus your time and energy on how you’re going to wedge your fitness routine into your busy day. Recently, FitLo interviewed moms and dads who’ve made fitness a priority in their lives, working around impossible schedules and demands so they can walk the talk, feel good,… Read more →