‘Exercise is medicine.’ Interview with Endorphin

Endorphin recently made 5280 Magazine’s list of ‘Denver’s Best Colorado Workouts’. Well deserved. Congrats, Endorphin! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 3 of the Endorphin Denver area locations, and I’ve taken 3 of their class offerings: Cycle/Row, Warriors and Yoga. All good stuff. I caught up with Briana Christine, the manager for Endorphin. Her Cycle/Row class is one of my… Read more →

Meet CrossFit Broadway Owner: Jason Kelly

CrossFit Broadway – Denver As a former rugby player and coach, Jason started doing Crossfit to stay in shape and connect with an intense athletic community. As the Crossfit Broadway owner and head coach, Jason fosters a supportive team environment. He aspires to help each member feel comfortable and encourages members to “work hard, play hard and achieve balance.” www.crossfitbroadway.com