Shhh…Get Your Silent Disco Workout On with Sound Off Colorado

Metlo plankSound Off Colorado specializes in silent workouts or silent disco workouts led by rotating Denver fitness instructors at various fitness events in the Mile High City. What is silent disco? Silent disco is an event where people dance to music they listen to on wireless headphones, also known as, “Silent Raves,” “Quiet Clubbing,” and “Quiet Parties.” In 1969, there was an early fiction reference to this concept through a Finnish science-fiction movie called Ruusujen Aika (“A Time of Roses”), where characters donned headsets during a party. In the 1990’s a group of eco-activists used headphones at an outdoor party to minimize noise pollution and disturbance to local wildlife. Throughout the 2000’s this concept became more popular at music venues, dance clubs and music festivals. The term ‘silent disco’ was first used in 2005, and is my personal fave. Who doesn’t think of fun and fabulous when they hear the word “disco?” And let me tell you, my experience with silent fitness and yoga has been FABBO!

There’s currently a trend running wild in Denver that I can’t get enough of. It all started in the fall of 2015 with Silent Rooftop YogaCross at the Metlo, hosted by Fitness in the City and The River, sponsored by Reebok. Another silent event to lead this trend was StapletOM’s Friday night Glowga on ‘The Green’ in Stapleton. Sound Off Experience provided the headphones for both events.

Metlo Quad StretchThese fitness and yoga events are spectacular! There is something about hearing the music and the instructor directly through the headphones that helps me silence the outside world and really connect me to the workout and the practice. Both events started at dusk and ended in the dark- another element that takes you on a workout trip! I was 100% sober, I swear. The experience did take me back to my raver days, however. Those days were long ago…but I’ll never forget those crazy, fun times.
I love dusk in September, the cool air and smell of fall in the air. It’s just the right temperature for an outdoor workout and powerful vinyasa yoga flow. I was in the moment and found a space of presence. I always find it tricky to stay present, so it’s mad success when I’m able to get in the zone! I felt strong, powerful and engaged. Interestingly, even with the isolation of the headphones, I felt more connected with the people around me and the instructor. Hearing the instructor’s voice through the headphones shifts the experience of how cues are heard. I can distinctly hear the sincerity and passion for what they do and really feel their belief in my ability to hold plank for 10 more seconds! I pushed myself more than usual, making that night’s class not just another class, but an experience that was thrilling and inspirational.

Glowga Half PigeonAre you interested? Well, you’re in luck! Sound Off Colorado leads these kinds of events with in the fitness and yoga community on the reg! You can also stay updated by liking and following Sound Off Colorado on Facebook.

Photo Credits:
2015 StapletOM Glowga, Jamie Kraus Photography
YogaCross at the Metlo,Teddy Sirotek


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