Sculpt Yoga with Jay Hart

CorePower Yoga – Highlands, Denver
Jay Hart – Denver

Sculpt Yoga classes at CorePower Yoga have been around for many years now but it’s only recently that I’ve found a class that keeps me coming back, every week: Sculpt Yoga with Jay Hart.

Jay’s class is Sunday morning at 9 am at the Highlands CPY studio (one of her many classes) and it’s become a part of my Sunday morning routine that I wake up excited for.

I usually hate-my-way through Sculpt because I balance out by loving how I feel after the torturous workout. In Jay’s class, I actually have fun and enjoy the challenge.

I’ve seen my body change too. I’m feeling stronger, increasing my endurance and developing more muscle definition. 

She diversifies the classes by bringing in new, different and varied techniques that I haven’t experienced in other classes. She keeps the class moving, safe and steady; without over cooking us. (One of my biggest deterrents this summer has been the heat in a yoga studio, especially in a Sculpt class. Our bodies warm up faster and carry more heat in the summer, so I find that the added high heat only exhausts me). Jay’s classes are always a good temp and her music is always in synergy with the tempo of the class. If you love DOMS, then come to class! I’m usually feeling the class from Sunday to Thursday!

I’ve added this weekly Sculpt class to my workout repertoire and I’ve feeling more well-rounded with my yoga practice.

About Jay

Jay’s been teaching since 2007 and teaches at CPY LOHI and Highlands. She also owns The Yogi Exchange clothing swap.

Try one of Jay’s classes! Her teaching schdule:
Monday noon sculpt LOHI
Tuesday 6am & 7:30 am C2 LOHI
Wednesday 12:15 C2 LOHI
Thursday 9am c2 LOHI & noon C2 Highlands
Friday 6am c2 & 7:30am sculpt Highlands
Sunday 7:30am c2 & 9am sculpt Highlands

Jay is the founder and owner of The Yogi Exchange

The YOGi Exchange is an athletic re-sale store For men’s and woman’s clothes. They purchase gently used and new athletic wear (anything you wear to workout). They will purchase items for cash or in-store credit. Store front opening soon! Like on Facebook for updated information.



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