Denver Yoga Collabo with RiNo Yoga Social, Unlimited Yoga and FitLo

Tucked in the heart of the up-and-coming River North neighborhood, you may have seen RiNo Social Yoga between endless construction and breweries. While there’s a handful of fitness and yoga studios in the area, Rino Yoga Social (RYS) offers a truly cool, progressive, local vibe.

An affordable option for yogis

RYS believes yoga should be accessible to everyone, and one of the biggest barriers can be yoga’s financial commitment. Most studios have classes at $25 a pop with monthly memberships for $99 or more. And if you’re going a few times a week, that $100+ membership actually saves you money. But with RYS, there are no membership dues. Instead, each drop-in class has low or donation-based rates. Your wallet and busy schedule will thank you.

A versatile space for a plethora of yoga practices

There are two spaces to practice yoga at RiNo Yoga Social: the basement and upstairs. The first space is dark, cozy and welcoming. The walls are all exposed brick and are accompanied by fluorescent street art, metal pillars and soft lighting. On the other hand, the upstairs hardwood area is a more traditional space. Many of the meditation classes are offered there. The dual, differing atmospheres provide a home for a variety of classes.

In RiNo Yoga Social’s basement studio, FitLo Ambassadors Jess and Christina pose by one of RYS’s many pieces of wall art.

Each class at RYS is taught by a teacher who has lovingly created exactly the class he or she wants. They even execute all of the marketing for the class! While some classes are offered nearly every week, new, sometimes radical classes pop up all the time. At the time of posting, there are CBD-infused vinyasa, energy meditation, singing bowl meditation, yin yoga and yoga church classes on the schedule. Even more, experience differs as well between the classes. Some teachers are recently certified while some have been teaching for decades.

A chance to check out RiNo Yoga Social with a FitLo Passport event

On Thursday, October 26, FitLo is hosting a collaborative class at RYS with Lynn Koves of Unlimited Yoga and Aly Ballow, a regular teacher at RYS and the studio director at LoDo Massage Studio. This collaboration encapsulates RYS’s mission of bringing together teachers and community.

Ballow expressed hope with the tremendous growth of the Denver yoga community, including RYS. She has been involved with RYS from the beginning. She loves the model of RYS and hopes that more studios offer donation-based classes or cheaper membership.

“With the [city’s] growth, there are now so many different ways to practice and different ways to share your practice with the community,” Ballow says. “I love seeing different teachers doing their own thing.”

Beyond what RYS offers to its students, Ballow believes the studio also provides a unique space where yoga teachers can grow and learn.

Koves, who is co-teaching the FitLo Passport Class, agrees: “It gives new teachers wings… RYS is unique and designed for independent teachers [who] all want to band together [to] bring in crowds from the RiNo area.”

What is Unlimited Yoga?

While Koves may be a new yoga teacher in the community, she’s been deeply immersed in the Denver yoga community since moving here seven years ago. Before moving to the Denver area, she had never taken yoga. Her first classes were at 24 Hour Fitness and the community classes offered by the CorePower behind her house.

“I wondered how many other affordable yoga classes were in the area,” she explained. “I didn’t see that information in one place, so I figured I could create that.”

Koves created her list of free and donation-based yoga classes over four years ago, focusing on Denver proper. Last August, she expanded the list to Boulder. Koves now publishes an aggregated list of over 90 classes every week, over three-fold of what she posted in years past.

Lynn Koves, Unlimited Yoga and Aly Ballow, RiNo Yoga Social

A yoga database with unlimited potential

Unlimited Yoga is evolving. Most recently, Koves launched a Google Maps tool for all the yoga studios in the Denver-Boulder area.  This goes hand-in-hand with her mission to increase the number of people who practice yoga.

“Everyone says yoga is for everybody and it’s so true, but people do not always feel that way,” Koves said. “My vision is to make it as relevant to peoples’ lives as possible. I feel very strongly that our society could use more yoga and the yogic mindset.”

From people with disabilities to veterans to Spanish-speaking communities, Koves hopes to continue trying to spread the word about accessible classes to myriad communities. In the coming months, Unlimited Yoga will expand information services to help make yoga relevant to more people.

Koves explained: “My goal has always been to increase the number of people who practice yoga and have that free and donation model… To remove money as a barrier for people trying it. For anyone who is willing to try, here is an entry point.”

Kove and Unlimited Yoga’s mindset parallels that example set by RYS. Rino Yoga Social offers an open, accepting space for classes you may not find at other studios around town. You haven’t seen a yoga studio quite like this one, and hopefully it can inspire and electrify your current yoga and meditation practice.

FitLo Passport Event: Experience RiNo Yoga Social in partnership with Unlimited Yoga

Join us for an epic yoga collab with RiNo Yoga Social and Unlimited Yoga! Enjoy a 60-minute vinyasa flow class in one of the coolest spots to practice yoga in Denver: RiNo Yoga Social. Class will be led by Aly Ballow and founder of Unlimited Yoga, Lynn Koves. Tiffany Bray, RYS teacher, will be providing hands-on assists.

5:15 p.m. check-in

5:30 p.m. start time

Free for FitLo Passport Members

$10 Drop-in for nonmembers

Register Here


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