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FitLo snagged an onsite, in-studio interview with the founder of The Rhythm Revolution (RR), Jasmine Anderson, RR Tribe Chief, a.k.a. beatgypsy. Beyond being straight up cool and creating one of the coolest , homegrown cycling and yoga fitness studios in Denver, Jasmine, and her team of top notch instructors pour their souls into the heart of a group fitness class – The Music. Let’s chat about how to revolutionize your fitness through the power of music.

We eat beats. – Alejandra Deolivera, RR Tribe Council Leader and Instructor (Facebook Live Comment)

It was Jasmine’s first Facebook Live (insert first-timer remark of choice), and I had a blast chatting with her about the lowdown on where to get fit in Denver this week, scoping out the studio, and, the best part, geeking out on music – There is so much more out there to sweat to beyond the usual top 40 remixes, and, from local Denver artists! Fitness, bad-ass beats and support local music?  Boom. We are so winning right now.

Listen, watch and learn for more about The Rhythm Revolution fitness movement and Revolutionize Yourself with the Beat.

Insider FitLo Tip
Jasmine is offering a one day training all about “re-discovering musicality, playlist construction and it’s appropriate applications in all fitness modalities. It’s about tuning into your OWN unique beat and further developing your musical voice by becoming fully versed in today’s evolved music industry.” This clinic is the only course of it’s kind in the industry today and earns participants CEUs. This is perfect for fitness and yoga instructors that want to create better connection and loyalty with members through the power of music. It’s also perfect if you are just straight up a music geek… but like, a cool geek. Those are the best! Learn more and register.

Get Certified to Teach Cycling
The Rhythm Revolution specializes in cycling. Are you obsessed with cycling? The Rhythm Revolution is also hosting a Cycling Certification on October 1 that will earn you credentials and you can take your certification to teach anywhere you choose. Learn more and register.

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