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Success begins with showing up. Even with the most well-intended and thought out New Year’s fitness goals, the whole showing up thing, that’s where success begins, or, can unravel. I’ve spent years reflecting on and analyzing what keeps people (and myself) in the game and on target with fitness goals. In the end, it is never easy, however there are a few key elements you should have lined up to set yourself up for success. This… is your ultimate guide to help you make 2019 the year you stick to your New Year’s fitness goals!

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New Year’s Fitness Goals Pro Tip 1: Show Up, Consistently.

  • Understand the best time of day for you to workout: Are you a morning person or an evening person. Or, does your schedule dictate the time of day you have time to workout. Consider what time of day is the best time for you and only you. It doesn’t matter what works for other people or sounds more impressive.
  • Morning Workouts: Wake up with the first round of your alarm. Make this non-negotiable. You will feel more awake and ready to take on the day, if you get up and workout rather than hitting snooze, which often leads to shutting off the alarm, wagering that you will work out later, and going back to sleep.
  • Evening Workouts: Go straight to the gym. Set an alarm and block out time on your work calendar so that you can leave on time. Skip happy hour temptations. Your workout will make you happier in the end. I’m not suggesting that you should expel all happy hours from your schedule. I am recommending that if you have a workout planned, do not skip it for happy hour. Have your evening workout necessities packed and ready to go straight to the gym after work. If you must stop home, stay focused and avoid distractions that will make you lose track of time or motivation to get back outside and to your workout.
  • Lunch Workouts: Block out time on your calendar. Similar to evening workouts. You must stay dedicated to keeping your workout time blocked out from other meetings. If you must take a meeting, be sure to block out another time right away to replace the workout.

The Best Workout for you, is the one you show up to. The workout you will show up to, is the workout where you feel connected.” – FitLo Denver

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New Year’s Fitness Goals Pro Tip 2: Find Connection.

“In general, the more contact or social support that people had during exercise — from researchers, health professionals, or other exercise participants — the greater the benefits.” –

  • Community Connection: aka “Fit Fam”, “Tribe”, “Squad”… Contact and connection is vital to sticking to your New Year’s fitness goals because when you feel connected to the studio vibe, your instructor and fellow members – You will want to show up because it’s about more than just a workout, it’s about feeling good with your people.  When you are inspired by the community you workout with, you will show up, even on bad days, because these people will help you get through the crap as well as celebrate your successes in a way that is authentic to you.
  • Read more about finding connection with your workout in the first FitLo Blog introducing FitLo. Throwback blog – Sweet!

You showed up and you are ready to connect.  But … what if you haven’t found a trainer and community that inspires you and makes you feel connected? Have you found “The One”?

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New Year’s Fitness Goals Pro Tip 3:  How to Find the Best Gym For You

If you’re thinking this all sounds great, but “Where do I start?” First I strongly recommend finding one “home gym” to achieve your goals. Checking out and participating in various workouts is fun and great for cross training, but finding a home base and/or primary trainer is important for consistency and sticking to a program that will achieve your goals. How to find the best gym for you:

  • Explore 3-5 studios before committing to one. Finding a studio or gym is like dating. Just because it sounds perfect on paper or in someone else’s Instagram feed, doesn’t mean it’s the one for you. It’s gotta feel right to you. Most studios offer intro offers for you to test drive their classes and training options. Try a few studios, first, and pick the one where you feel connected, challenged and inspired.
  • Find a Location near you.  It is best if you workout near your home or work – However, if you absolutely love a studio, it may be worth the trek, but keep in mind that could hinder staying consistent due to traffic, weather and time management.
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New Year’s Fitness Goals Pro Tip 4: Resources for Finding Studios and Gyms

FitLo Passport  – (My personal favorite, obviously, so I’ll start here.) The FitLo Passport is purposefully designed to achieve all of the tips mentioned above. How it works:  Visit 2 studios per month with FitLo where the connection element is key and built into the experience. Meet the studio owners, trainers, members and fellow Denver fitness seekers who like to have fun with fitness and make new fitness friends. These are small batch studio events crafted in partnership with wellness business and services so you get lots of goodies, prizes and eats with each studio event. also features Denver Fitness Studio reviews to help you discover studios to try out. Read the latest FitLo Reviews hereSearch FitLo Reviews by location and format here. Learn about the FitLo Passport Holiday Special available through Dec 31 here.

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MINDBODY App – Download the MINDBODY App to find and register for hundreds fitness and yoga classes happening in your area each day. If a studio has an intro offer, the MINDBODY App will feature it and make it easy to redeem with your registration. This option gives you a ton of freedom to choose when and where to workout, and, your format of choice. You can also find last minute drop-in discounts, perfect for checking out new studios without spending the full drop-in price, which can get pricey. If you find a favorite studio, becoming a member and/or purchasing class packages are always the best deal. Right now, you can get awesome deals on both! So check with your favorite studio(s) to score on awesome deals for the new year!

The above are my favs for exploring as they both do a ton to connect with and support the local fitness community and studios. Additional resources often used for exploring studios include Class Pass and Groupon.

New Years Fitness Goals 2019

New Year’s Fitness Goals Pro Tip 5: Communicate Fitness Goals.

  • Talk with your trainer about your goals. It’s not enough to write them down or vision board them – Talk with your trainer or instructor about them! Trainers and instructors eat, sleep, live and breath to help you with your fitness goals, regardless of where you are at. This what trainers are there for – To coach you through your goals.  Trainers and instructors must understand what you want to most effectively help you, even in a group fitness setting. Bonus: You will also notice that you will feel more connected once you have shared and talked through your goals with your trainer, which will keep you inspired to show up, which will keep you coming back to your workouts, which will get you to crush your goals.
  • How to talk with your trainer about your goals: Ask to set up some time to talk about your goals before or after an upcoming class. Sounds simple, right? Yup. It is. And, it will make a world of difference!

New Year’s Fitness Goals Pro Tip 6: Explore with Community Events

Denver has tons of fitness and yoga events happening nearly every day! Keep an eye on Facebook and Eventbrite to see ongoing events happening around town. FitLo also features events on our Facebook Fan Page Events and Instagram stories. Every month FitLo Ambassador, Christina Stanton, selects her top picks for free and low cost fitness and yoga events!

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