Motivating, FUN, and Non-Intimidating Fitness?

Shouldn’t fitness be Motivating, FUN, and Non-Intimidating? FitLo thinks it should and 212Degree Fitness definitely fits this description. A few months back I visited 212Degree Fitness and met the owner, Delisa Novak. The studio is tucked away off Kipling and Bowles in a strip mall. It is a small set up, but with all the GOODS! TRX Suspension & Ripp Trainer, a range of weights, heavy tire, boxing bags, a few cardio machines, kettlebells… and even surfSET Fitness boards! I love walking into a gym and scanning the room for their goods. I get psyched about seeing the equipment. Kind of like a fridge freshly stocked – Am I the only one on this?

#TRUTH Delisa is ridiculously dedicated to her members and committed to fitness that is fun and accessible. There is absolutely zero intimidation when you walk in. She, the trainers, and members are welcoming, friendly and down to earth. Which is so important when you first step in to a new gym. Especially, if it’s been a while. Like any other environment, the leader sets the climate, and Delisa rocks this!


I’ve joined surfSET and kickboxing classes. Both are a blast with options for all fitness levels. There is no
pressure to be competitive, just the focus to have a safe, effective and fun workout. I even got some of the members to take pictures and do post-workout go-go dancing on the boards. Silly, yes, but a blast – LOL!

212 Degree offers a variety of fitness classes and personal training options. Given that there are only 4 trainers, they work together to keep classes integrated and on the same workout plan. Like ‘Cheers’, “Everyone knows your name.”

From the first day I met Delisa, I’ve stayed connected with her as a fellow female entrepreneur in fitness with an authentic ambition to help people find fitness success. Delisa selflessly goes the extra mile for her studio and her members.  Check out the 212Degree FitnessFacebook page. You will see the heaps of encouragement and feel the authentic LOVE for #team212 members.



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