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Run fast. Be Still. Are you looking for balance in your workouts? It is time to checkout DualityFit in Sloan’s Lake. Duality is an independent and  locally owned fitness and yoga studio which recently opened in May 2019. All in one studio, you get to explore yoga and HIIT classes at Duality Fitness. Whether you are new to yoga and working out or at warrior status, classes are scalable for every fitness level. Not only is Duality  a beautiful studio with a balanced approach to fitness and yoga classes, Duality creates a unique community that works to strengthen your mind, body and soul! There is just something about taking classes with the creators of a boutique fitness studio, you can really feel the passion, heart and dedication poured into every ounce of the space, concept and community. This is what you get at DualityFit Sloans Lake, Denver.

The Dream Team: About the Founders of Duality Fitness

Jen Sevcik, Tim Samp and Nattiel Fontaine are the dream team, who through various fitness/yoga journeys, found commonality in believing that movement is a vitamin, a tool that promotes longevity in your body and in your life. With this belief, and the key principle of “cultivating balance in all our efforts,” Duality was born. “We believe that the journey to find balance is one of the most important journeys we go through in life. It requires consistent attention and deliberate focus,”

Duality Fit Trainer int the HIIT Circuit Room

Why HIIT + Yoga in One Studio?

Jen explained why the team created two fitness spaces in one studio, “The HIIT, circuit side is for heart-pounding cardio + strength work. The heated yoga studio is for flowing, stretching and mindful movement. Our intention is to cultivate balance in our fitness,  and have that trickle out from the effort in the studio into everyday life.”

In addition to finding balance, the team hopes to inspire discovery. At Duality, students explore with a safe place to take risks, struggle and get uncomfortable. “When students can safely find new edges of their mind and body, they leave feeling accomplished and successful. That is important to us.”

From the serenity of the heated yoga studio, to primo fitness equipment in the HIIT room, there is comfort in being present and embracing the struggle. Duality uses top-of-the-line Technogym SkillRun treadmills: Gentle on the joints with the ability to switch between treadmill running and push sleds. Along with the treadmills there are “SkiErg” standing row machines, resistance bands, kettlebells and more.  “Trying something new requires vulnerability and courage. Just get yourself to walk through the door and we will take care of the rest!”

FitLo Ambassadors at Denver Fitness Week 2019 Duality Fitness Class
FitLo Ambassadors at Denver Fitness Week with Duality. From Left to right: Kerry Audie (Owner of Pearl Street Fitness), Lindsey Guthals, Me (Heather Rutledge)

What’s the workout like?

I first tried Duality Fitness during Denver Fitness Week 2019. After my first class, I was hooked! I take classes regularly now to cross train with my running goals and races. My fellow FitLo Ambassador friends, Lindsey Gunthals and Pauline Bak have got the Duality bug too! More about why we love Duality Fitness…

Duality Fitness: Circuit Workout

I LOVE a good cardio strength training circuit class and you will definitely find that with Duality Circuit.  The class will have you move between the Technogym treadmill equipment (these treadmills are amazing and even have a feature for sled pushing!) and stand-up rowing machines for the high intensity portion and then incorporate strength training using kettlebells, resistance bands, slam balls, TRX, and boxes.  Duality Circuit is offered in an Express format for 45 minutes or a full 60 minute class.


HIIT/Flow gives you two doses of movement vitamins with the first have being a HIIT circuit workout followed by yoga flow. When I first signed up for this class I didn’t know what to expect. While I love the HIIT circuit portion, I found that my favorite part of the workout is slowing down during the yoga flow.  During the HIIT circuit there are two instructors to keep the class moving smoothly and allow for the trainers to provide individual support  and encouragement. The yoga flow takes place right after the circuit and provides decompression from the intense effort of the circuit, toped off with a mindful stillness and lightness – Hello savasana after a tough workout, yes please! The HIIT/Flow class is an excellent example of the balance you will find at Duality.

FitLo Ambassador Lindsey Gunthals at Duality Fitness studio
FitLo Ambassador, Lindsey Guthals, working out at Duality Fitness.


ResCon(Resistance and Conditioning) works to improve strength and endurance. Using resistance bands, dumbbells and bursts of cardio, this full body workout takes you to your peak, then brings you back down utilizing all muscle groups.  As a runner, I am always wanting a little more strength to my workout, and the ResCon class gives me that, with some cardio. Class takes place in the heated yoga studio, barefoot and on your mat. For me, ResCon also puts me in tune with where my body is, the balance between slow and intentional strength movements and bursts of cardio allows for this. Class ends bringing you back to being still, allowing you to take a moment to let the workout sink in. This class is perfect for those that struggle getting to yoga (that’s me!), but want/need the strength and stretch a strength yoga class offers.


If you just need time to be still, Flow is simply that. Each Flow class is built off the expertise that all three owners bring to the Duality experience. From challenging new positions and flows, to enjoying the moment in a simple stance. Flow allows you to connect mind and body. Twice a month (weather permitting) Duality offers yoga on the rooftop where views of Sloan’s Lake, Downtown and the Mountains are the backdrops- Does it get any better? Soooo#coloradical.

No matter which class you walk out of, you will not only be sweaty, but you will have pushed yourself to your limit.  I am always inspired when the instructors remind me, “You can do hard things,” while they totally kick my ass is the nicest way possible.

Duality Fit Rooftop Yoga
Duality Fit Rooftop Yoga

Duality Fitness New Member Specials

For First-Timers
Get 3 classes for $25. This allows new students to experience multiple formats and to get into both of studios (yoga and HIIT).

Grand Opening Unlimited Membership
Get your 1st month for $75 and then, $135/month afterwards

Review Co-written by: Lindsey Guthals and Heather Rutledge

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Are you looking for balance? Yoga and HIIT Classes at DualityFit

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