Top 5 for Achieving THE Best Body a la Carla Sanchez

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Carla Sanchez is the owner of Performance Ready Fitness Studio (Lone Tree) and, personally, my fitness inspiration. I’ve trained with her for several years so this review will be more of an homage for all she has done to inspire me to work toward my best body, not someone else’s body from my Instagram feed. I feel it is my duty to share with you my favorite best body tips and anecdotes I’ve learned since training with Carla Sanchez.  I’m thrilled to feature Carla, she has been an extraordinary trainer, coach and friend.

im-not-bossy-carlaCarla is also known as “Glamour Jock,” which suits her perfectly! She doesn’t know that I know this, but she’s also the queen of the “Gelfie,” Busted! (Gelfie is a Gym Selfie – Is this a faded term? Was it ever a term?)

Carla is fierce and strong, with an effortlessly sporty chic style that is enviable. She is one bad ass mama. I’m always in awe of how she pulls it all off. Even as she is facing the last mile of the Ironman her style MOJO remains intact. Seriously, how does she do it?

The Performance Ready Fitness studio is filled with heavy weight lifting equipment, yet there are small elegant and classy details that really make the studio a treat to workout in. She believes in safe and functional training, yet, let’s be real, we want our assets to be well defined. This is where an experienced trainer who knows their s.h.i.t. comes in handy. An experienced, qualified trainer that you vibe with will help make your unique assets shine, but there are RULES.

Top 5 for Achieving THE Best Body a la Carla Sanchez

Rule #1: You cannot support a workout with bad nutrition. Eating and drinking garbage on the weekend and then working out hard Monday morning simply doesn’t cut it. It’s an unhealthy cycle that maintains a negative relationship with food. Your nutrition fuels your body based on your activity.

Rule #2: Stop comparing yourself to others. On yearning to look like someone else: You, and your body are unique. So is your training and the results you will get. Carla works with you to get your body at the best it can possibly be. That way, you have your best abs, not someone else’s.

Rule #3: What is your goal?  Just like anything else in life, you must understand what you want to achieve and create a plan to get there. Are you training for an athletic event? Are you recovering from an injury? Are you pre or post-partum? Are you concerned for your general health and body weight? Not sure what you want?
Carla will help you figure it out, and then create a fitness and nutrition plan to get there.

Rule #4: No Bullshit. Carla will call you out on lame excuses and dialogue that is not supportive to the first 3 rules and your overall well-being.

Rule #5: Work hard, be consistent, and have FUN! The first 4 rules may seem serious and she is serious when it comes to the rules because that is what will make you successful, however, she is all about making fitness fun, building comradery, and being real. I have found a support system and comfort with the Performance Ready team. This is a community that works for me. It is my “fitness” match. I’m not saying it is perfect for everyone. Just like in my introductory blog – Dating, Love and Fitness: Have you found the ONE? – Finding the right gym is like dating, you must find a connection that is authentic to you.

Enough from me! Check out what other Performance Ready members are saying in this video. Oh, and be sure to tag #fitlodenver on your ‘gelfies’.

Want more awesomeness? Watch Carla ROCK leading a workout on The Rocks (Get Ripped on the Rocks – Red Rocks Workout).

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Top 5 for Achieving THE Best Body a la Carla Sanchez

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