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As FitLo Ambassadors, Jessica Hall and I have had the opportunity to branch out from our day to day fitness routines and experience new ways to challenge our bodies. Jess is usually taking on high energy, cardio dance classes while I tend to stick to a more traditional strength and cardio training program. We both agreed we needed to work on our barre technique, so with our tight leggings and high buns ready, we set off to visit each of The Bar Method studios in Boulder, Cherry Creek and Stapleton.

At first, we were both a bit hesitant to commit to not just one barre class, but to commit to taking several barre classes because barre is a really challenging fitness format.  Thanks to The Bar Method’s consistency across the franchises and between instructors, both of us are happy to report that we have significantly improved our barre technique, skills and stamina while attending a variety of class formats

Pro Tip: Barre is an excellent complement to endurance training, especially if you want low-impact cross training. Even those who are injured or pregnant can enjoy the joint friendly nature of barre (with the right modifications of course).

The Bar Method experience

“Give yourself grace, but don’t give yourself excuses.”

Jess and I at The Bar Method Stapleton

First and foremost, it’s important to note that when you sign up for a class at The Bar Method — at any of the locations — you are signing up for an interactive experience. The Bar Method is PT based and every teacher is trained and tested on anatomy and physiology. Thus, they will provide individualized hands-on adjustments throughout the class to keep you safe and maximize the effect of each exercise.  This allows you to develop the best barre technique possible.

“When there are new clients, I always remind instructors to empathize and think about their first time in a barre class” says Cherry Creek owner, Laura Henderson.

She continues: “You have to remember that most people walk into the first class a little bit nervous, especially if maybe [they] come in and haven’t worked out in a while. We want to make sure members and guests understand that the adjustments will help them get a safer, more effective workout . We want everyone to have the best experience possible.”

Secondly, be prepared to shake! Although some (cough, cough, Jess) don’t particularly enjoy it, the shake is a quintessential part of barre. Embrace the shake as much as you can — Even if it’s just for a few seconds. Working to the shake is how you get stronger and sculpt your body.  This means that your body is changing for the better.  Since taking class with The Bar Method, Jess realized she doesn’t mind the occasional eight-count hold since each exercise section progresses so perfectly within the class design. The challenge won’t last forever and it feels so good and rewarding afterward.

Say my name, say my name

Relaxing before a Mixed class at The Bar Method Boulder

What makes The Bar Method instructors absolute rockstars is their ability to remember every person’s name in class.  Whether you are a regular member or first time visitor, the bar masters will personalize the workout to include you.  This made both Jessica and I feel exceptionally welcomed into their tribe. In addition to hands-on adjustments, you may also hear your name to provide verbal cues, corrections and, of course, kudos!

At first I needed several adjustments and corrections, but after a few classes I noticed that I was gaining a familiarity of the workout and wasn’t being called out as much. Barre is a challenging format, however the more you go, the more the barre technique clicks in with your body. I certainly saw my form improve! It just takes time, and it’s time well spent. After all, you’re bettering yourself and gaining some serious lean muscle and strength.

A well-oiled machine

The Bar Method’s physical therapy- based program sets them apart from other barre studios. They are constantly updating their protocol based on new science to accommodate for the societal and postural trends. The intelligent class design helps students recognize and improve upon their form inside the studio and out in the world.

“People trust our method,” says Amy Chesterton, owner of The Bar Method Boulder. “They know they’re going to stay safe and know what to expect. What really resonates with our clients is that they know our programming is well thought-out like a well-oiled machine.”

Varying by location

The Colorado Bar Method owners —  Amy Chesterton, Laura Henderson and Sarah Stabio — all attest to the uniqueness of their franchises. Sarah Stabio, owner of the Stapleton location, says it best: “The franchises of The Bar Method are like comparing Fuji and Honeycrisp apples: They’re all in the same family, but just a little bit different.”

The Bar Method formats are the same across all three Colorado locations:

Mixed: All levels class including a warm-up, upper body, thigh, seat and core exercises.

Move: A faster-paced, more cardio intensive 60-minute class.

Express: An all-level class that combines the exercises taught in Mixed into a quick 45-minute class.

Level 2: Less instruction is given here for more advanced students.

Through the consistency and commitment to The Bar Method community, both Jessica and I have found our bodies changing for the better.  We feel taller, leaner and stronger.  Don’t get us wrong; barre is hard. But it’s a modality where the discipline, consistency and hard work pay off in a short amount of time.


Jessica taking the time to perfect her form


Join FitLo Ambassadors at ‘The Barre’ for these upcoming FitLo Passport classes:

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The Bar Method Boulder FitLo Passport Class — Saturday, October 7 at 8:30 a.m. | REGISTER HERE

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