Rocket Yoga in Denver: Gets you there faster. Find it at Evolve Yoga

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Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead gave Rocket yoga its name “because it gets you there faster.” A class firmly rooted in traditional Ashtanga philosophy, its physical practice is considered the original form of power yoga, and the only place to try Rocket yoga in Denver is Evolve Yoga!

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga is a series of postures developed by Pattabhi Jois. If you’ve ever taken a Vinyasa yoga class, you’ve gotten a taste of this through the surya namaskars, sometimes referred to as Vinyasa flows. Ashtanga yogis use their breath to guide movements and focus on gazing points called Dristhis.

Ashtanga yogis practice using the Sanskrit names for each pose. In Rocket yoga, the teacher will guide you into the posture in English, but always say the Sanskrit name before or after.Evolve Yoga Handstand

“I want my students to be able to take this practice with them. I’ve practiced yoga in France, Italy, and India, and it’s always the same in Sanskrit. When you know the postures by their original names, you can practice yoga anywhere,” says Evolve’s director and head teacher, Jessica Lyn Young.

Rocket Yoga in Denver: Rocket vs Bottle Rocket Yoga

Rocket yoga is a sequence of poses focusing on flexibility and strength, built from the most beneficial postures in the Ashtanga yoga series. There are moments where you stay in a pose through five deep breaths, giving time to work on alignment and also receive extra coaching from Jessica.

Rocket Yoga in Denver
Photo by Jenna Woolam

I have been practicing Vinyasa yoga in Denver pretty regularly for years, and was ready for a new study. I tried Bottle Rocket for the first time through Friday Night Yoga Club and couldn’t wait to come back! This is the condensed 60-minute version of the Rocket yoga class.

The poses feel familiar and much of the pace is slow. You might notice that there’s a bit more arm and core work than a usual class (think: chatarungas), which builds you toward the goal of difficult inversions like headstands (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) and forearm stands (Pincha Mayurasana).

Practicing at Evolve Yoga with a Variety of Yoga Classes

Evolve Yoga is rooted in Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, and I chose to dive into Rocket yoga since I had never tried it before, and Evolve is the only studio offering Rocket yoga in Denver! Beyond Ashtanga and Rocket, Evolve also offers beginner and all levels Vinyasa yoga, as well as Yin yoga, led by expert yoga instructors with diverse yoga backgrounds.

In just five Rocket classes with Jessica I had never felt so much progression in my body in such a short amount of time. By practicing arm balances like crow pose (bakasana) and dolphin (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana), you work your inner abs.Evolve Yoga Boat Pose

The best part? You can always modify, and keep two feet on the ground while still gaining all the same benefits.

After takeoff

Evolve is more than a yoga studio, it’s an entire community of wellness seekers. When you arrive in the studio, it’s like walking into a friend’s living room with big comfy couches, shelves of yoga books, and even mandala coloring pages for a little quiet time. Outside the building, raised garden beds line the southern wall leading to the Grow Den, a micro-green garden and classroom run by Rooney Bloom.

“We felt like the best conversations and educational moments were happening outside of the classroom, when everyone’s putting their shoes on after class,” said Brett Rezek, Evolve’s Studio Manager. “Keeping that idea in mind we wanted this space to feel like you can stick around to ask a question or just talk.”

Right next door is Color Up Therapeutics, integrative massage therapists that use hemp CBD products in their bodywork.A group of friends at Evolve Yoga in Denver

Better with friends

Ready to try Rocket? Evolve has a great introductory package where you can get 3 classes for just $20. Or better yet? It’s just $20 anytime you come with a friend! See the Evolve Yoga class schedule.

Catch the FitLo Denver Passport Event at Evolve Yoga Denver on Wednesday January 17. There will be a Bottle Rocket yoga class at 5 PM and 6:30 PM followed by an after-party at 7:30 with s’mores by the fire, CBD infused tea by Color Up Therapeutics, goodies by barkThins and Made in Nature, and an eco pop-up shop by Uka Market. Bottle Rocket yoga classes are free for FitLo Passport Members | $10 for Nonmembers. The after party is free for everyone! REGISTER HERE

Review by Emily Tella

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Rocket Yoga in Denver: Gets you there faster. Find it at Evolve Yoga

1321 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
(This studio has closed.)

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