Rhythm Revolution: Lets get weird.

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Rhythm Revolution Cycling Live DJ

The Rhythm Revolution offers a new take on the ever-popular ‘spin class’. There is an underground, edgy vibe with relentless dedication to ‘The Beats’. You’ll find this indy studio space on Colfax, just past the City Park West neighborhood. The clean lettering on the windows boasts the studio’s multiple modalities: cycle, barre, yoga, HIIT, and power classes. Sound intense? Never fear — almost immediately upon entering studio, you’ll be hit with warm, friendly vibes. (But you’ll still get your ass kicked, don’t worry.)

Check in for your class and browse the perfectly curated merchandise, crystals and palo santo. If you’re there for a cycle class, the bikes (covered in stickers repping local businesses) are the first fitness equipment you’ll see. But right behind them is the open space for yoga and other non-cycling classes. And you can’t miss the DJ booth for the live DJ classes (definitely a bucket list item for this studio).

Rhythm Revolution Snowshine Childs Pose

Rhythm Revolution Offers Cycling, Barre, Yoga & HIIT

While most of the classes you’ll find will be on the bike, Rhythm also includes other sweaty formats like barre, yoga and HIIT. Whichever you choose, you’ll be guaranteed to get your heart rate up (plus hella good vibrations). Each class is designed to align the moves with the grooves; just the music itself is enough to get you out of your head and into your body.

“Rhythm Revolution is about the science behind how music impacts physical performance,” owner Jasmine Andersons explained. The studio offers three different modalities, each based around this connection between music and fitness. The first is the Bass Space experiences also known as the daily, in-house classes. Second, is Beat Clinic which teaches musicality for fitness professionals. Think really cool band camp. You’ll learn how to use music to enhance fitness classes, basic music theory, genre mixing and more. Finally, the RR Tribe takes their bikes and you out of the studio with their The Rhythm Revolution Road Shows, which combine music and fitness pop-up classes at unique locations all around Denver, and, Snowshine, their annual winter weekend retreat at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and Resort.

Rhythm Revolution

Different and Weird

If this doesn’t sound like your typical fitness studio, you’d be correct. Anderson doesn’t want it to be. She beams at words like “different” and “weird” to describe what The Rhythm Revolution is all about. “My goal is to be different than other studios out there,” she explained. ” That’s why we do things differently. We talk differently. We brand differently. We have our road shows in different and weird places.” Read the FitLo Blog about how Rhythm Revolution takes you from the fitness studio to the dance club.

“I want it to be identified as something different. I want people to finish class and say, ‘Oh my god, what song was that?’ I believe people should go to fitness to have an experience; people should be able to feel, see, and hear new things. I don’t want people to get in their car and be able to listen to the same music they heard in here.”

Only a year and a half old, The Rhythm Revolution has carved out a unique niche in the Denver fitness community. The story behind it all goes back to Anderson’s roots in fitness. She used to teach at Pura Vida for almost five and a half years. “When I was there, I wrote the Rhythm Revolution. It was a teacher training on musicality. My boss encouraged me to submit to the AFAA to get it accredited.” Now, her course is also NASM-certified and has been taught over 20 times since its inception.

How It All Came Together to Create The Bass Space

“Music training is a universal language and the tools that I teach can — and should — apply to any modality. From cycling to TRX to strength training and yoga — they are all the same language. I teach fitness professionals to really understand the structure of the music so they can apply it to any modality. And that’s where the Rhythm Revolution lives and breaths. In the teacher training.”

Anderson took that foundation with her when she left Pura Vida. “After I left, it was the first time I considered opening up my own space,” Anderson said. Before finding the current space, she ran classes out of Fitness in the City, supported by her relationships with fitness and yoga leaders from Fitness In The City and The River, whom she had met through the Lululemon Ambassador program. After driving past a “for sale” sign on her way home, Anderson found the new home for Rhythm Revolution: The Bass Space.

If you’re looking for something different from the usual, The Rhythm Revolution is here for you. You will be met with open arms, great beats and a bass that you can feel throughout your entire body. The classes are moving meditations shaped lovingly around the songs that increase your heart rate, guide you up that very, very hard hill, and take you across that sweaty finish line. Venture outside of your preconceived ideas of what a cycling class should be, or what a playlist should sound like. Dig deep and get a little weird with The Rhythm Revolution.

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Rhythm Revolution: Lets get weird.

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