Rebel with a Cause | An Inside Look at The REBEL Workout Denver

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Format(s) Taken: HIIT Strength Training Functional Fitness

Additional Formats Available: Barre Cycling Yoga Personal Training Boxing/Kickboxing

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Am I a Rebel? My first workout with The Rebel Workout Denver

My love affair with fitness over the past 20 years has had its ups and downs, and I’m not just talking about deadlifts and burpees. Growing up a competitive ski racer in New Jersey meant limited time on the mountain and far more hours spent doing dry run training with seemingly endless lunges and squat jumps. While plyometric exercises like these are effective, they can get pretty boring quick and I would tend to slack off in my workouts. My best friend Julia saw my lack of enthusiasm and brought me to a high-intensity Step Aerobics class (hey, it was the mid-90s!) that ignited my fitness fire. Since then, I have participated in countless fitness programs that range from Turbo Kick to CrossFit to powerlifting to half marathons to Tough Mudders and everything in between.

I realized that exposing myself to and learning from all of these various disciplines was my main source of enjoyment in my fitness journey. Many of my friends also know this about me, so when one started going to the REBEL Workout she encouraged me to attend. “The workouts are always changing,” she said, “plus it’s in your neighborhood.” Well, those are two things almost everybody looks for in a gym, close proximity to work or home and constantly varied routines, that’s a no-brainer right there. But am I a rebel? I immediately checked the website to see. There I found “Be Bold. Be Brave. Push beyond the norm.” I registered for my first class right away.

…the soft, inviting artwork made me feel right at home and wiped away any nerves I may have had about being rebel enough for this workout.

Walking into the REBEL Workout Denver fitness studio, I was immediately greeted by an energetic and spunky instructor in a warm and inviting space. I immediately gravitated toward a very familiar yet unique and beautiful wall art installation that I later discovered was the work of well-known Denver-based artist Gemma Danielle. You may be familiar with her mural outside of the Crema Coffee house in RiNo. I digress here for good reason, the lounge off of the entry way and the soft, inviting artwork made me feel right at home and wiped away any nerves I may have had about being rebel enough for this workout.

FitLo Ambassador Handstand Rebel Fitness Studio Denver

The class started right on time with an outdoor partner warmup. Prowler pushes down the block while your partner squats with a heavy med ball. Brutal, but I was hooked. I love the camaraderie of partner work and find that I push myself harder when I work with others. After a few high fives, we went back inside to a very well-organized class setup of four stations with three exercises at each station. The instructor demoed a few options for us at each station and then we were off with five minutes of a self-paced mini challenge at each station.  The exercises were simple enough for a newcomer, but they all had a creative twist and more challenging options for those with more experience. My favorite was the last station in which I strapped a huge bungee cord around my waste and had to sprint against the resistance. I’m not going to lie, the first time I slingshotted back and the entire class laughed (myself included!), but it was easy to get the hang of and I loved the idea of combining sprinting with resistance.

The Rebel Workout Denver Fitness Class
Photo by Gina Portolese

So what is REBEL?

After a few more workouts, I asked REBEL owner Melissa Levy if I could talk to her on the phone and ask her some questions to get a better idea about the REBEL workout.  She was very approachable and easy to get in touch with. We spent a lot of time talking about the creativity of the workouts, the importance of community and the value of correct form as a top priority and focus for all the REBEL trainers. Melissa, inspired by the trainers and clients she surrounds herself with, likes to do things differently and think outside the box. The ultimate goal for the REBEL workout is to create a safe space, one of without judgement and one of positivity where a person can nourish their bodies from the inside out. When asked to describe REBEL in just a few words, she responded, “unique, inventive and energetic.” So how do you know if the REBEL Workout is right for you?

if you’re a poet
a misfit
a dreamer
a schemer
a rebel
a lover
a doer
a thinker
for the love of the universe
try the REBEL Workout!


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Rebel with a Cause | An Inside Look at The REBEL Workout Denver

324 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

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