Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn: Feeling Lagree Love in the South Denver Burbs

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I will be the first to admit that I have reservations when trying a new workout class. Technical moves, scary, torture-esque-looking equipment, and hearing about the level of Lagree’s difficulty are all factors that made Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn (Centennial) initially an intimidating endeavor. Luckily, the members and staff made what could be an intimidating experience comfortable, safe and, most importantly, fun!

First of all, I was put at ease as soon as I walked in. The instructor, Erin Bourland, gave me a warm welcome. Her philosophy is that “Pilates Evolution is home to everyone that walks in the door.” Erin’s teaching style met her philosophy, and the rest of the members were friendly, too – phew!

Getting acquainted with the Pilates Evolution Lagree Proformer 

Still a bit nervious, I slipped off my shoes and headed over to my contraption (aka the Lagree Proformer). Within seconds of mounting the machine, the member next to me helped me position myself correctly. Without judgment, this Pilates Evolution regular gave me a gentle heads up on which foot goes where and how to use the foot straps. We both smiled and laughed — I was immediately relaxed from this initial interaction with a fellow classmate.

For me, this is important. Feeling confident and unafraid to make mistakes makes every new workout easier — even if it is a class as challenging as Lagree. Ultimately, this confidence allowed me to focus on the famous Lagree burn!

Oh, and did this class deliver! In that “hurts so good” kind of way. It also helped that Erin had a great sense of humor. At one point in the class, we were holding an extremely challenging core position. She encouraged us to spell out the curse word we were thinking in the mirror with our feet. Honestly, that funny, small distraction helped get through the uncontrollable shake!

Lagree at a glance

Pace:  Lagree class is based on slow movements, which actually helps you burn calories even after your workout is over.

Transitions: Lagree has little to no transition time, which means that you are maximizing your workout minutes.

Stability: Lagree is all about stabilization, which means you are constantly challenging your core.

Lagree Pilates at Pilates Evolution in SouthGlenn
At Pilates Evolution, every movement requires your core and stabilizing muscles,  which makes  Lagree an effective total-body workout.

More on Erin Bourland, my Pilates Evolution instructor

It was a privilege take class from Erin. She was recently brought onto the PE SouthGlenn team to help train and ensure that instructors are providing the best instruction and class experience possible. Erin is from Chicago and has worked with the best instructors in the nation to achieve a comprehensive Pilates training background. I could tell she is a pro!

I appreciated how Erin constantly moved around the room to make sure she was helping each client with their workout.  Whether you were a newbie or an expert, she would come over to ensure each student was maximizing their workout based on their individual needs and skill.

In my case, she made sure that my alignment and positions were correct to prevent injury. She also ensured that I constantly engaged my body in each move. But the best part was how Erin balanced helpful corrections with encouragement. During the class, I never felt out of place, judged or discouraged.

I asked Erin how she found PE SouthGlenn out here in the south metro burbs and what made her decide that to join the team. Her face lit up as she explained how she appreciates the welcoming, restorative and challenging approach Pilates Evolution takes with classes. She truly believes the owners make it a priority to provide support to their clients and their instructors.

Inspo wall Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn Lagree
Inspo wall at PE SouthGlenn

A tip for first-time Pilates Evolution Lagree clients

It was easy to see why Erin feels at home here. I really enjoyed the relaxed vibe while still being challenged physically. I left feeling accomplished and rejuvenated knowing that I just spent 40 minutes changing my body!

When visiting for the first time, know you will be challenged, supported and encouraged. You should also know you will want to come back for more! It’s the only workout I’ve experienced that effectively combines strength, cardio, endurance, balance, core and flexibility training in not only one session, but in each move. These classes are actually quite fun, so take your time, learn the workout and let the burn change you!

Be sure to bring some grippy socks, a bottle of water and your favorite workout clothing for this intense but amazing workout!

Join me at Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn for a FitLo Passport Event

On Sunday, Nov. 12 at 8 a.m., FitLo will host a FitLo Passport event at Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn. Erin will be teaching, there will be goodies, giveaways and post-workout mimosas! The class is free for FitLo Passport Members and $10 for non-members.

Register on Eventbrite to save your space!

Pilates Evolution is local and independently owned with three studio locations: SouthGlenn, Stapleton and Cherry Creek. In fact, did you know that Pilate’s Evolution Cherry Creek is Denver’s first Lagree Fitness studio?

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Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn: Feeling Lagree Love in the South Denver Burbs


6848 S University Blvd,
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