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Pearl Street Photo croppedAt Pearl Street Fitness, FitLo Ambassador, Kenzie and I had some quality time kicking ass, EFFECTIVELY. We took on a noon Full Body Conditioning class that worked the entire body with a focus on upper body. We didn’t use heavy weights nor was the workout complicated. We spent our time alternating weighted shadow boxing sets with chest, shoulder, back and core strength sets. Although the workout was easy on the weights and free from complicated movements, the workout was extremely challenging and I pushed myself hard, but definitely in a good way. If you have ever taken a class with Scott St. John, you are not going to get away with  slacking while he’s coaching! Scott does not let you quite. His passion & enthusiasm fuels the adrenaline you need to keep going and keep going hard.

“It’s not about doing a workout just to kick your ass. It’s about creating and doing a workout that is effective.” – Scott St. John, co-owner of Pearl Street Fitness.

World Wide Workout

Next time around I volunteered to join Scott for one of his Periscope workouts. Three days a week Scott leads a viral workout at 11:30 am via an app called Persicope. It’s called the World Wide Workout because people can access the workout, live, worldwide. Periscope is a live video social media app. You can download it and follow @pearlstreetFIT to join the workouts.

Donkey Kick BurpeesMost often Scott and his business partner and wife, Laura St. John, lead the live 20 minute full body workout and get hundreds of viewers. Anyone can join from any location. No equipment is needed. (Psst… so if you’re away from your gym this is a great option to get in your workout!)

It was an honor to join the scope. But, the shit hit the fan real fast. The workout consisted of 20 minutes of nonstop burpees with intense core exercises, and not just regular burpees, but up level burpees, like some good ‘ole fashion donkey kick burpees WHAT THE ****?!?!  It was wicked tough and a kick in the humble pants. However, with Scott’s relentless encouragement and the camera rolling, I dug deep and made it happen. Albeit, I did not perform with Jane Fonda fitness video elegance by any means. Nonetheless – I will never forget the experience. Thank you, John for welcoming my participation!

Strong. Confident. People. – Pearl Street Fitness

That’s the Pearl Street Fitness moto. Check ’em out for yourself! Pearl Street Fitness has two locations in Wash Park and Highlands. Your first week is free!

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Pearl Street Fitness | Kicking Ass, Effectively
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