Pearl Street Fitness 2.0: New owner, but we still know who dis.

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Pearl Street Fitness Denver (PSF) opened in September 2012 as one of the first independently owned boutique fitness studios in the Denver fitness community. PSF has since been a leader in fostering community over competition. Within their studio walls of sweat, strength and hard work are trainers, members and guests who support each other through challenging and dynamic full body workouts that are “fun” –  In a I just kicked my ass in a good way and feeling accomplished kind of way of course! I visited and reviewed Pearl Street fitness when I first launched FitLo Denver in 2015.  Pearl Street Fitness changed owners in 2019. This FitLo review is bringing you the lowdown on Pearl Street Fitness 2.0.

Pearl Street Fitness has stood the test of time in Denver’s competitive fitness studio scene by staying true to their boutique fitness studio offering where community is first and participants can expect the consistency of unique and expertly crafted, small group personal training fitness workouts. Pearl Street Fitness does not offer predesigned, preprogrammed workouts created by a fitness franchise. Pearl Street Fitness is homegrown and independently owned! The class size is kept small with a capacity of 20 people.  The trainers have the knowledge, experience and finesse to lead a high vibe group fitness class as well as the personal training expertise to provide personalized workout options and modifications as participants need them.

Pearl Street Fitness Scott St. John

Pearl Street Fitness in 2012

Pearl Street Fitness was founded in 2012 by Scott and Laura St. John. If you’ve ever met them together or separately, you would not forget them. Charismatic, confident and motivating, Scott’s dialogue leads and ends with “Strong. Confident. People.” Laura is known for dedicating her time and energy to supporting and encouraging people to follow their passion and dreams at their fullest potential, whatever that may be. Together Laura and Scott created an incredibly powerful and inspiring fitness community. Just as they encourage others to follow their passion and achieve excellence, in 2019 it had become time for this power couple to take on new opportunities outside of Denver. Pearl Street Fitness was seeking a new owner to carry on its legacy.

Scott and Laura St. John
Founders of Pearl Street Fitness: Laura and Scott St. John

Pearl Street Fitness 2.0

As a dedicated mom, wife, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and FitLo Ambassador, Kerry Audie is that person. From firsthand experience I can say that Kerry listens, she is patient, she knows her boundaries, she acts with purpose and serves with intent to support the people in her life. Kerry helped and supported her husband for several years in his professional endeavors. She is also an amazing mama bear raising two young children with another baby on the way. While dedicating love and support to her family, she found ambition to become a fitness instructor, which evolved into a passion driving her to do even more to serve others on their fitness journey. She was told by a mentor – “You are a great fitness instructor. Given your drive and passion to help others on their fitness journey, I think you should considering opening and owning your own studio.” The seed was officially planted.

Kerry drove deeper into building her expertise as a fitness instructor and personal trainer with a specialty in pre- and postpartum fitness and wellness for women. Kerry researched what goes into the business of being a successful studio owner. She talked with people who were doing what she wanted to do and soaked in all the intel and inspiration she could all along the way. As a mom,  Kerry also dedicated time to learning specifically from moms who are business owners.

It became clear to Kerry that owning her own studio is her ultimate dream. But – Where? How? When? The questions we all ask when we can feel and envision the big, huge amazing dream we must seek out, although we are not so sure how to get there. Kerry maintained patience and focus on her goal. She listened and continued to build her skills and brand as a fitness expert in Denver (

Kerry Lee Audie
Kerry Audie became the owner of Pearl Street Fitness in April 2019

Pearl Street Fitness was seeking a strong, confident leader who would continue to foster the PSF community that Laura and Scott built. For Kerry, the opportunity to become the new owner of Pearl Street Fitness “fell in her lap”. The door had opened. Was this her door? Was this this the next step? Originally Kerry had envisioned creating her own studio. Walking through this door and taking on this opportunity would mean taking on a studio that had already been established.

“Am I ready for this? Is this the right opportunity?”   Yes and yes. But, why?

  1. Love and appreciation for the Pearl Street Fitness community: Kerry witnessed first hand what it meant to be a “pearl” by attending several classes in 2016 and 2017 both during and after her first pregnancy. She loved everything about the workout, the community and the brand. “PSF must live on!”
  2. The business case: Kerry consulted with qualified and trusted business experts to help her analyze the business opportunity of taking over ownership of Pearl Street Fitness. It all checked out with solid projections for successful business opportunity.
  3. Intuition: While Kerry faced hesitation, fear of the unknown and barriers to all the stuff that you think about when you are about to the plunge into a life changing decision… In her gut, Kerry knew it was time to lean in.

Pearl Street Fitness Workout Ladder

Pearl Street Fitness 2.0 Pearl Street Fitness in 2020

It has been nearly a year since Kerry became the new owner of Pearl Street Fitness (April 2019), and PSF has been thriving with her leadership and ownership. She has nurtured a rockstar team of Denver fitness trainers, who have a rich history of group fitness and personal trainer experience. With humility Kerry explained: “A few of the PSF trainers have been in fitness longer than me. They are all awesome. I am grateful for the Pearl Street Fitness team of trainers.”

All workouts are programmed in-house. Cory Jagger leads the programming for most of the workouts, and collaborates with the PSF team of trainers to stay focused on delivering consistent, challenging and effective strength and conditioning workouts without trying to be everything to everyone.  With years of consistency and dedication to the Pearl Street Fitness community and the brand, it is no surprise that this independent fitness studio and its trainers has maintained its prominent stake in the Denver fitness community with a loyal following.

Pearl Street Fitness Trainers and Owner, Kerry Audie
2019 Pearl Street Fitness Trainers and Owner, Kerry Audie

My Workout Experience at Pearl Street Fitness

The Pearl Street Fitness workouts are challenging and intended to inspire you work hard, beyond your comfort zone. In fitness and in life, you must push beyond your comfort zone to improve.  Going beyond your comfort zone is often a bit beyond what you think your limit is, however, you will not be encouraged to go beyond a healthy range of pushing your limit. Yes, you will sweat. Maybe you will shed a tear or two?!

Each day there is a set workout. This is the workout you will do regardless what class time you go to. The daily workout changes from day-to-day so you will never do the same workout twice. The workouts are designed  so that you are getting an effective mix of strength, cardio and a rotating focus on different muscle groups. Plus, the playlists kicks ass. I love working out to music that has been intentionally put together to motivate and inspire me while I sweat it out! How about you?

January 2020 FitLo Passport Workout at Pearl Street Fitness with Cory Jagger

FitLo Passport at Pearl Street Fitness 2.0

We had a blast kicking it with PSF trainer Cory Jagger at our FitLo Passport with Pearl Street in January 202o. It was Saturday so it was one of Cory’s extra special full body blast of strength and cardio. Thank you Cory and Kerry!

P.S. Pearl Street Fitness trainer, Cory Jagger, was voted as the 2018 Class Pass Instructor of the year in Denver last year. This year, Pearl Street Fitness trainer, Drew DeOrsey was voted the 2019 Class Pass Best Instructor of the Year in Denver. Congrats to Cory and Drew!

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Pearl Street Fitness 2.0: New owner, but we still know who dis.

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  1. This is so excellent. It’s great to pass on a torch knowing it’s going to incredible hands. Love to see the smiling team.
    Thanks FitLo for the awesome write up. Thanks Kerrie for being the next mother of pearl.
    Love from Malibu!
    Laura St John

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