My Beginner CrossFit Experience at EDX CrossFit

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You wouldn’t believe I was a beginner CrossFitter. I’ve tried a lot of different workouts, but I’ve never done a CrossFit workout in my life.  So when FitLo Founder Tricia Olson asked me to write the review, I thought she was crazy.  Why would she want someone who’s never done CrossFit (or even had the desire to do CrossFit) write a review? Even more, I’d been sucked into some of the criticism that CrossFit has received. I was immediately worried that I would get injured and the workout would be unsafe.

Luckily, I was completely wrong. I found EDX CrossFit to be a very safe and reasonable CrossFit studio (or ‘box’) in Lafayette, CO. EDX is owned and operated by Angelo and Liliana Gala.  After working for other gyms and athletic facilities for several years, they decided to spread their vision with EDX. What is that vision? EveryDay X. Get it?  What is your [insert goal/why]?  That’s what they ask of themselves and each client that walks in the door.

My First Workout as a Beginner CrossFitter

I was incredibly impressed with my first workout.  I love detail and the reason behind why something is.  The level of detail Angelo provided on the simplest of things, like how to hold a barbell and where to put your hands on the barbell in relationship to the knurling.


You know how the barbell isn’t completely smooth? Well, the knurling is those thousands of tiny little diamonds where you line up your hands depending on what exercise you are doing.  I felt like I was really working with an expert after that explanation.

And Angelo is indeed an expert in my book.  His certification accolades, coaching accolades, and athletic accomplishments are long and creditable.  They include a Certified CrossFit Coach, of course, but he is also a Master Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Certified USA Triathlon Coach, NSCA-CPT National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Training, and 200+ hour yoga Instructor to name a few. Read more here about Angelo’s training expertise. 

New CrossFitter Kathy EDX CrossFit Front Squat
Working the technique on my first front squat at EDX.

The CrossFit Workout or WOD (Workout of the Day)

CrossFit workouts normally comprise of a weight lifting segment, a bodyweight or gymnastics segment, and a high intensity or aerobic component.  Angelo develops all the workouts for the studio, which is different from some other CrossFit studios/boxes. So with his expert program design, clients are assured they are getting quality workouts.

Even more, Angelo programs the workouts so you can come six days per week.  Strength days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Endurance on Wednesday and Strength AND Endurance on Saturday.  No workout is the same.  On the seventh day, this is where they ask all their clients to #useyourfitness, in other words, get outside and go on an adventure!  Angelo and Liliana, along with their two pups, Chiba and Cherry, practice what they preach. You can probably find them hiking or doing some other outdoor activity over the weekend.

EDX CrossFit Rings

Beyond the workout – There’s body work, EDX Bodywork

Liliana also has a long list of accolades. She is Full Body Certified in Active Release Techniques and provides therapeutic body work to EDX clients through her onsite body work space, EDX Bodywork.  I have had a nagging forearm/elbow issue for quite a few months now.

After having body work done by Liliana, I can now say that it is the best it has ever been. I am confident Liliana will have me at 100 percent in no time.  It’s nice that I can tell her, “It hurts when I do pull ups,” and she is able to treat it on the spot.

EDX CrossFit Kettlebell

Why kettlebells, but no dumbells?

The studio has everything you need for a complete workout — from kettlebells to barbells to Assault bikes, to rowers and ski erg machines. But, I did notice that there weren’t any dumbbells.

Angelo says: “Dumbbells are designed to balance in your hand. Kettlebells are not.  Therefore, you receive extra benefit from a full body, functional, multi-joint movement which will do more for you and burn more calories than you would with a dumbbell.”

I love that!

There is no room for, “I can’t.”

There is no room for “I can’t” at EDX CrossFit.  If they hear, “I can’t,” Angelo and Liliana respond with now, “It’s a goal.” Anything you can’t do is a goal.  What a brilliant idea!

New CrossFitter CrossFit EDX

What is your X?

Now back to your X.  What is your X?  Angelo and Liliana encourage everyone to have an X.  What are you training for?  It could be your family, a fitness competition or you just want to be healthy.  Of course, I asked them about their X.  Liliana’s X is CrossFit.  She fell in love with it, and it is what keeps her on track for a healthy lifestyle and however she wants to use her fitness.  For Angelo, he is actually training for the Quad Rock 50, which is  a 50-mile trail running event put on by trail runners. I have no doubt he will be successful.

EDX Gym Rules

At the end of the day, Angelo and Liliana only ask that you follow their gym rules:

  • Show up
  • Be accountable
  • Work hard
  • Ask questions
  • Be humble

I think I can do that.  How about you?  Now is the perfect time to check EDX CrossFit.  The six-week challenge starts in the New Year!  It includes three workouts a week, a personalized all-inclusive nutrition package, and an accountability coach.  Only 15 spots available, but FitLo Denver peeps and FitLo Passport members receive priority, and if you sign up by December 24, you will receive $100 off!

Even if you can’t make it to Lafayette, CO, they offer remote individualized programming, so that they can expand their limit and reach to teach a safe and effective way to workout from beginner to worldwide.  This can also include a nutrition package.  As Angelo says, “The possibilities are endless to make us all a comfortable human being and better person.”

And they might even be expanding to a location near you.  If you have that nagging injury that you still can’t get healed like me, be sure to check out Liliana at EDX Bodywork.  You’ll be glad you did.

Final words of wisdom from Angelo, that I want to emulate: “It’s cool to do muscle-ups now, but I want to do badass shit when I’m in my 50’s and 60’s.”~Angelo Gala

EDX CrossFit FitLo Passport Event

Join us for a Donation-Based FitLo Passport Class with EDX CrossFit

Wednesday, Dec 6 | 5:15 pm REGISTER HERE*

Saturday, Dec 9 | 9:15 am REGISTER HERE*

In the spirit of holiday giving, these FitLo Classes are donation-based. All donations will be given to KETTLEBELLS4KIDS – A nonprofit raising funds and awareness for 2.5 million homeless children in the U.S.

EDX CrossFit Owner Liliana
EDX Co-owners Liliana and Angelo Gala

More about EDX CrossFit and the owners:

Watch the FitLo Live Interview with Liliana and Angelo


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My Beginner CrossFit Experience at EDX CrossFit
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