The MECHA Challenge: Lagree Megaformer + HIIT

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I was looking for something different and I found a studio in Boulder called MECHA. After reviewing the class options on Mindbody, I came across the MECHA challenge which includes a Lagree Megaformer class followed by a HIIT class with the VersaClimber, airdyne schwinn, and a Concept 2 Rower… “A high intensity, low-impact, total body workout.” I thought, Bingo! Now this sounds unique, I have to check it out!

About the location – MECHA has parking!

The location is on beautiful corner lot adjacent to a local neighborhood and parking was a cinch.  They have their own parking along the corners of their building, and there is street parking available too.  Thank goodness.

The MECHA Challenge Part I: Lagree Fitness Megaformer

My first class was the ‘Resistance’ class which uses the Lagree Megaformer machine in order to build deep core strength, and long, lean muscles!  It’s only 45 minutes, so I had to be quick, focused, and work hard.  Sammy was my instructor, and boy, did she make it fun!  She danced between the cues and was constantly bringing a smile to my face even though, I was really in pain from trying to maintain perfect form on each and every move!  Once class was done, I was glad.  Lol.  Considering I have only done a handful of Lagree Fitness classes in my life, I was happy to have another one under my belt that kept me entertained along with a great burn!

THE MECHA Challenge Part II: Low Impact HIIT

I had a 10 minute break before the HIIT class to follow.  The studio room for the HIIT class was #supercool! There are two sets of 5 VersaClimbers in a teepee format and Airdyne Schwinn’s along the back of the room.  We started on the Airdyne’s for a warm up and used resistance bands and body weight exercises for the warmup.  Then, the intervals truly started and the class was split in half.  Half on the VersaClimber and half on the Airdyne.  The intervals, like in the warmup, also consisted of body weight exercises and resistance band exercised mixed into the interval.  The music and Kate’s encouraging and entertaining words kept me going.  I was dripping in sweat and breathing hard when it was all said and done.  Thank goodness they provide towels for use during class.  Another fast 45 minutes, and we were done.  Whew!

Lagree Fitness MECHA Boulder Fitness MECHA Climb Cardio

A Totally Insane 90 Minute Workout Experience

I have to say, I only took classes from two of the instructors, Sammy and Kate, but they were so much fun.  I loved their personalities, and that’s want you want when you are working out!

Taking the back to back MECHA challenge, in MECHA’s own words, was a complete and totally insane 90 minute workout experience!

Keep your eye out as a new studio is opening this fall in Denver, CO!  Look out Denver, here comes MECHA!!

First week $20 for new clients.  Now, that’s a deal!

Lagree Megareformer MECHA Challenge Boulder Fitness

Photos provided by MECHA.

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The MECHA Challenge: Lagree Megaformer + HIIT


2546 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302

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