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My Midlife Fitness Crisis

What constitutes a midlife fitness crisis for me?  Well between career responsibilities, family life, the joys of homeownership (pulling dandelions and fixing refrigerators), the aches, pains and creaky joints of the mid-forties, and of course the ever present time-suck of smart phones and television, I was finding it harder and harder to maintain physical fitness.  My availability and my enthusiasm to workout was at an all-time low.  I would hit the local rec center sporadically to lift a few weights and spend 30 minutes on an elliptical machine while I watched “Flip or Flop”on HGTV. I wasn’t feeling inspired to push myself and I knew I was lacking an effective workout. This is My Midlife Fitness Crisis.

I’m grateful for my family and friends and the comfortable nest-life I’m living. However, I do miss the days of playing basketball a couple of times a week, hiking and biking on the weekends, and a regular workout schedule.  Especially basketball, the competition always pushed me to get in a good workout. Those days are gone. My knees can no longer handle the pounding and getting the guys together for a game is harder and harder. Back in December 2015 reality sunk in when my doc said I must get in more rigorous physical fitness to improve my health. I was at a loss for what to do and where to even start looking for a gym or trainer, but I knew I must do something.

Luckily, I have a wife who knows all about the available fitness options around Denver and could get me pointed in the right direction.  Through her development of she has worked with everything from quiet restorative yoga studios up through the hardest of the hardcore gyms training people for Iron Man races, Mt. Everest climbs, and Tough-Mudders.  Tricia knew I was in need of a new way to challenge my fitness and the FitLo blogs and videos (along with a little pointed advice) helped me discover great workouts that fit my personality, keep me inspired, and kick my butt way more than any elliptical machine.  I’m surprised what a good fit she found for me – she knows her stuff alright, and I’m feeling fit enough to keep chasing after a 4-1/2 year old who wants to conquer the world.

New Years Resolution: Workout
It’s cliche, but at the beginning of the new year 2016, I made a resolution to commit to regular workouts. I started taking 45 and 60 minute classes at a gym called Manic Training Highlands Ranch, which was the type of place a fitness newbie like me would have never known about or felt comfortable just walking into if I hadn’t heard about it through FitLo and Tricia.

Paul Manic 2Manic Training is a perfect match for me – Manic is a tough combination of cardio and strength exercises that works your whole body. The workouts change every two days and you never know what’s going to get you – the sandbags, the ropes, the slam balls, or some devious version of burpee/slurpee/bunny.  The fun team atmosphere of the classes push me to fatigue levels I haven’t hit in a long time.  Pete Beuth and all of his instructors really know their stuff – they’re extremely articulate with explaining the workout in easy-to-understand terms and consistently focused on giving individual attention on form and motivation. This keeps me from injuring my 45 year old joints and making sure I don’t slack. I always come home drenched and feeling like the good ole days of basketball.

The coaches at Manic Training are encouraging without being too “rah rah” which I appreciate and fits me well.  For me, Manic has been the solution to my midlife fitness crisis. and Tricia have also helped me find options to shake up my routine by throwing in an occasional yoga class at YogaPod South Glenn (have to stay flexible for the golf swing) and some indoor cycling in the cool club atmosphere of CycleBar Lone Tree. Both have been great cross-training options for me.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but I certainly feel more fit and energetic – enough to chase that kid of ours. I’m also glad to report I’ve dropped 13 cholesterol points.  Thanks Tricia and thanks


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