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Live for This Fitness, aka LFT Fitness, is a homegrown HIIT and strength training gym located in Littleton, CO. I’ve had the privilege of working out with Live For This Fitness on several occasions – I love their packed 5 am fitness classes! What a way to kick-start the day.  LFT Fitness is a gym where you nearly forget about how tough it is because you feel like you are at a slammin’ party with 20+ of your best friends, even at 5 am in the morning.

Once you step into the BOOM ROOM – It’s on!

LFT Fitness was created by Coach Gonzo, Zach Gonzales and Coach R-Dub, Rick Wilhoit. When you walk in you are greeted with bright colors and positive affirmations sure to revive your spirits.The gym has been designed to provide a comfortable and classy reception area with a fresh and squeaky clean locker room and showers – Nice touch! From the lovely reception area, there is a door that welcomes you to the ‘Boom Room’. This is where the magic happens! Rowers, Assault Bikes, barbell racks, dumbells and plates. LFT workouts range from intense cardio, body weight exercises to heavy strength training lifts. Workout programming is planned so that members get a range of focused strength training to full body workouts throughout the week, all guaranteed to get you to feel THE BOOM.

The “Boom” is that “intangible” feeling you get when something happens within ya that you can’t explain- you have to Experience it for yourself – Coach Gonzo

LFT workouts always come equipped with fun party music and passionate coaches on the mic ready to throw down a few dance moves and motivate you to push harder for a one-of-a-kind, ass-kicking time. The community is tight, man. Members, staff and coaches are welcoming and friendly. Everyone at LFT is genuinely stoked to see you succeed and join the crew.

Check out the promo video FitLo and our video partner, Ross Villeneuve Video Productions, helped LFT produce. This is seriously what it’s like to workout at LFT.

Check out the LFT schedule at www.liveforthisfitness.com and schedule a class! Psst… they currently have a awesome Groupon.


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LFT Fitness: Experience the Boom


8081 South Broadway
Littleton, CO 80122

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