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Format(s) Taken: Boxing/Kickboxing HIIT Functional Fitness Strength Training

Additional Formats Available: Yoga Personal Training

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Titanium Fitness Center is an independent fitness studio in Edgewater, near Sloan’s Lake. As the owner of an independently owned fitness studio myself (Atherial Fitness), I love supporting the community of fellow local fitness studios and owners. I had the opportunity to train at Titanium Fitness Center over the past month. As a dedicated yogi, I was unsure how I would feel about taking on a new fitness studio with classes like HIIT, Mud Camp and Fighting Fit (Boxing).

Feeling in the Zone

While the name of the classes sound like a different vibe from what I’m used to, this yogi found herself completely in the zone as I discovered that beyond the workout, Titanium Fitness is made up of a fitness community with trainers and members that have a heart made of Titanium. It felt like an honest to goodness #fitfam! (They actually use the hashtag #titfitfam. Look it up on Instagram to see what I mean for yourself!)

Anthony Nakamura, co-founder of Titanium Fitness Center, has a background in martial arts with a passion for both group fitness and personal training. He opened this independent fitness studio in Edgewater four years ago to help people realize that with hard work, dedication and determination, you can achieve success, and you are much stronger than you think.

“I set up one-on-one meetings with new members to find out where they are and where they want to go. Then we set up goals. I know that the power and ability to achieve these goals already exists within everyone. I hope to help people make that realization and keep them motivated to go for it and achieve their goals through the power of fitness.” – Anthony Nakamura, Titanium Fitness Founder

For years, my fitness workouts consisted of mainly my yoga practice. I labored some injuries (knee and lower back) from heavy duty running which is why I turned to yoga. Though, something was missing…an edge. Titanium Fitness has the edge I’ve been seeking to balance my yoga practice. I appreciate how the instructors maintained mindfulness of my injuries with modifications to help build me back up both emotionally and physically.

Titanium Fitness owner Anthony Nakamura

At first I thought I wouldn’t fit in, but with Anthony’s encouragement, I felt empowered to try almost every class on the schedule. There wasn’t a moment where I felt like I didn’t “belong”. In fact I felt the exact opposite: love, acceptance and encouragement.

Mud Camp

Mud Camp is a class where the instructor sets up an obstacle course or courses in the studio. It’s an effective way to train for an adventure race like the Spartan.

I decided to jump right in and make my first class at Titanium Fitness a Mud Camp class. I was scared as hell. I never thought I would take an obstacle course race (OCR) training class as I am not training for an adventure race nor have I ever done one. I did, however, enjoy how the class worked my agility and coordination, and I found myself working my mind in a different way. Everyone in the class was fun and welcoming and I completely lost track of time. Class was over before I knew it!

Titanium Fitness Edgewater Denver BoxingHIIT

Looking to add more intense interval training? I am. The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes are down and dirty and get to the point: they get your heart pumping and body moving to burn baby burn! In this class a variety of equipment is used for circuit stations where you alternate from challenging bursts of work to recovery sets.

Fighting Fit Boxing Class

The Fighting Fit class is the one class I avoided for weeks. I was scared because I had NEVER put on boxing gloves. This class works with interval training and I love the element of coordination. My mind and body began to work together like it does in a yoga class.

The participants were encouraging and the instructor, Anthony, is patient and inspiring. Did I feel uncomfortable in the beginning? Yep! However, on the flip side, this is how change occurs in our lives! Through repetitive boxing drills, I started to get the hang of it and will return for the challenge.

Independent Fitness in Edgewater Titanium Fitness

Titanium Performance Conditioning

I have a “love/hate” relationship with the Titanium Performance Conditioning. This class challenged my strength and determination. The class starts with running and then goes into strength conditioning through the use of bodyweight exercises or use of barbells and weights.

If it wasn’t for the community at Titanium, I honestly would have given up, but the instructor motivated me to stay focused on why I was there and to keep going. Everyone in the class tackled the workout like champs and walked out with smiles. I worked up the same kind of sweat I experience in a hot yoga class… dripping wet.

Hip Hop Yoga Titanium FitnessDodge Ball, Beer and Hip Hop Yoga

That’s right! The last Friday of every month Titanium Fitness in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood offers dodge ball with beer and every third Thursday of the month they offer Hip Hop Yoga. The schedule also offers mind body classes such as Yoga Sculpt and The Willpower Method.

Verdict: I’ll be back.

Titanium Fitness Center offers workouts that will build your body, heart and mind. The name fits the vibe and I will continue to train with Titanium Fitness.

I enjoy the wide range of classes which allows me options to explore, get outside of my comfort zone, and hunker down (no pun) on a routine that works for my sporadic schedule. I like how there are both contract and no-contract options along with 10-Class and 20-Class packages.

Stop in to try a class for yourself, or join in for a Titanium event. Your first week is free! Titanium Fitness Center is located in Edgewater next to Happy Leaf Kombucha Taproom and Kitchen, a few blocks down from Sloan’s Lake and Joyride Brewery…how convenient for those Friday Dodgeball games!

Follow Titanium on Instagram and Facebook for special events and connection with a fun community.

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An Independent Fitness Studio with a Heart of Titanium
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