A Humbling Yoga Experience at Endorphin City Park

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endorphin-logoEndorphin is famous for hiit training and intense boot camp workouts. Did you know they also offer yoga classes? Given the choice of a fitness class or a yoga class, I’ll be honest, I’m more excited for an intense fitness class. I appreciate what a yoga practice offers, I just have a difficult time connecting the moves with my breath and quieting my mind. I’ve been hitting the Denver Fitness Scene hard lately so I decided to go for an “easygoing” yoga class. Let me tell you, it wasn’t “easy”. In fact, I had a humbling yoga experience at Endorphin City Park.

I got up early and made it to the 5:30 am Vinyasa Flow 2 yoga class with Samy Mattei. The room was packed! Maybe it was because it was #BuddyDay at Endorphin City Park or maybe it was because Samy shared the deets on her Facebook about the early AM class. If you follow her IG or FB her words bleed creativity and thought. To be honest, this was the sole reason I wanted to take her class. She crafts her words so artfully, I needed to know how they flowed in her yoga class.

The Practice of a Fluid Body

Samy began the practice by introducing her thoughts on water and it’s fluidity. Water is a very calming element. It flows through it’s three phases and can be immensely powerful. Water is what created the grand canyon, after all.

The vinyasa or flow began. There was so much thought put into this practice and I really noticed each move was built upon the one before it. The flow was smooth and tranquil. At the beginning we started with simple motions: chair, mountain, warrior II. Then throughout the hour we were moving into challenging poses like ‘flip-your-dog’ and another pose that I could not for the life of me get into.

The move explained (without Samy’s awesome instruction!): Start in downward dog, lift up the right leg to enter 3-legged dog. Then open up the hips and with the opposite hand (in this case the left hand) reach for the foot. Upon successful reach, shift the body forward into space.

I couldn’t do this on either side, and I’ll be honest I was frustrated!

My inner monologue: “You’re not flexible..why don’t you stretch more?”

I’ve heard it over and over from yoga teachers and hundreds of Instagram memes, yoga is not about being flexible. The official Yoga Force says, “Let it go and focus on your breath.” -Bah! Easier said then done, people. This is harder than throwing down 50 burpees.

After that difficult pose happened, we nestled into some easier stretches and, then, savasanimg_80991a. Ahhhhhh, Savasana: Making 60 minutes of yoga worth it to new yogis since…forever.

Letting Go in Savasana

As I laid there in savasana, I reflected on the water metaphor. Even though words are just words they can be really powerful, the same way water can be an innocent rain drop or a raging river. Hearing Samy instruct us to slowly let go spoke to me more than any other part of the practice. It was finally clicking in my brain and body!

Water doesn’t get frustrated when it’s warm and cannot turn into ice. Here I am, doing mostly hiit and weight lifting, and expecting to turn into a super bendy yoga-chick while I could be letting go of expectations and negativity, and accepting that my body is just not at that phase yet. However, it would probably help if I worked in a regular yoga practice.

After leaving Endorphin I was deeply humbled and grateful for challenging my myself to attempt poses that my body cannot yet achieve. I  started to journal about it. I’m empowered to keep practicing that impossible move and whether it takes me days, weeks, or years before I nail it, I’m committed to letting go of thoughts of frustration and criticism.

Endless thanks to Samy & Endorphin City Park! Check out Endorphin City Park’s schedule for more yoga classes and read more FitLo reviews here:

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A Humbling Yoga Experience at Endorphin City Park

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