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“Set Goals. Shred Them”.  Shred415 Denver University Hills is a Denver fitness studio that delivers a 60-minute full body workout combining both cardio, HIIT and strength conditioning.  They pride themselves on being more than a workout with “a family-friendly, athletic environment where people of all fitness levels can come together to reach their goals”.    The workout is for all fitness levels and everyone works at their own pace, but, of course, you will be  supported by a vibrant, friendly instructor who will push you beyond perceived limits when you need it.

What does 415 mean?

The 60-minute class is broken up into four 15-minute segments where you will rotate between being on the treadmill for 15 minutes, then floor training for 15 minutes and repeat.  The workout follows a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format by increasing your heart rate for a short period, allowing you to bring your heart rate down for recovery, and then increasing your heart rate again during each segment.

Shred 415 is a fitness franchise that started in Chicago by fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer.  Shred 415 has now established 4 studios in Colorado.  The University Hills is the first location and just celebrated their one-year anniversary. Congrats! There are additional Shred415 locations in Boulder, Castle Rock, and Highlands Ranch. See the Shred415 locations.

Shred 415 is all about the community both within the studio and outside the studio.  The company is committed to supporting the local community by offering donation-based classes and promoting fundraising efforts with Shredgives.

The Workout Experience

When you walk into the studio you are greeted by the friendly front desk staff.  They will check you in and if it is your first time at the studio they will introduce you to the instructor.  I recommend that you show up 10 minutes before class if you are new so the instructor can walk you through the class format, how to use the treadmills, and the equipment for the floor exercises.  The main studio area is bright and clean and offers complimentary lockers, towels, and large bathrooms with showers and supplies.  Unlike many other studios, Shred415 even offers childcare for busy parents. Check out Shred415 Denver amenities and childcare.

Shred415 FitLo Amabassador with Fitness Instructor

The day I tried Shred 415 the instructor was MK, short for Mary Kay.  MK made the environment fun and not intimidating.  The music was themed around “Endless Summer” and she developed an upbeat and energetic playlist for the workout.  During the workout MK provided instruction to both those on the treadmills and those working on the floor so needless to say she was incredibly organized monitoring the time and motivating both areas.

Shred415 Treadmills and The Floor

The studio has all of the treadmills on the back wall and benches with weights underneath for the floor portion staggered on about 2/3 of the studio.  There are mirrors around the studio that helped for watching form.  My class was not full and while most participants started on the treadmill, like I did, I never felt like I didn’t have enough space or that I was too close to the person next to me.  When the workout starts the lights are dimmed down and the studio is relatively dark which helped me concentrate and focus without distraction.

Treadmills and Floor Training: Which will choose to start with?

For the workout you get the choice of starting on either the treadmill or on the floor. On the treadmill you start at an initial warm up pace that varies if you are walking, jogging, or running.  The instructor builds you up to an ending warm up pace that you will come back to throughout the 15-minute segment (insert picture).  MK gave an overview of the time frame for each “run drill”, which was never more than 2 minutes.  The run drills would involve increasing both intervals and speed and ended with a recovery walk.  The time went by quickly because of the short bursts of effort making it manageable to push more than I would have doing a steady state pace.  MK would offer key phrases such as “strengthening our minds to strengthen our bodies” to help focus on the overall goal instead of just going through the motions.  I also loved during the last 30 seconds she encouraged us to set a pace “that will make you proud” of what we accomplished during our workout.

Shred415 Treadmill Screen

What will you do “On the Floor”?

The floor portion is broken up doing various body weight exercise and strength exercises using weights or other equipment, such as medicine balls or Bosu balance ball.  Each class participant has their own bench (“deck”) with hand weights underneath and a mat on top.  Similar to the treadmill format, the floor training varies between exercises meant to get your heart rate up and strength exercises for recovery.  Again, everyone works at their own pace and their own ability level.  During my class, MK did a great job demonstrating the various exercise on the floor and offering modifications.  I also appreciated that at the end of the 60 minutes, MK lead all participants through some quick stretching exercises.Shred415 Denver University Hills Fitness Instructor

Looking for Cardio + Full Body Strength Conditioning? Check out Shred415!

If you are looking for a workout that incorporates HIIT, cardio and full body strength strength training with a close community network –  Check out Shred415!

  • If you are new to the studio they offer your first class free.
  • Shred 415 also runs various promotions during the year so be sure to ask about current pricing.  Packages include unlimited sessions or the choice of 8x or 4x per month.

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HIIT, Cardio + Strength at Shred415 Denver University Hills

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