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“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” – Audre Lorde 

Taking coffee to go, eating lunch at a desk and constantly serving others makes self-care difficult. But in downtown Littleton, there’s a place that’s all about you: Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa.

This independently-owned studio and spa offers a myriad of unique spa services, yoga and meditation. They’re all specifically designed to balance YOU. The five elements of Chinese philosophy – water, wood, fire, earth and metal – are incorporated into each service offered. The theme is carried thoughtfully throughout the space in scent, sound, touch, breath and vibration. Vibration? Yes, vibration. 

It’s like getting whisked away on a yoga-spa retreat, only it’s right here in your backyard in Littleton! It’s the perfect solution to a spa staycation/daycation.

The Five Wellbeing vision

The owner and curator, Betsy Abrams, had a specific vision for her business.

“I felt really strongly [about bringing] a destination spa experience outside of the destination and [making] something that everyone could experience,” she explained.

Ultimately, Abrams recognized the need for a space for nurturing and self-care. Perhaps more importantly, she made these seemingly luxury services accessible to all walks of life. Abrams and the Five Wellbeing staff offer services starting from $8 yoga classes and $26 spa services. But if you want to splurge (and you definitely deserve it), create your own day with multiple services or let the Five Wellbeing Staff create a lavish day for you. There is something for everyone at Five Wellbeing!

The Front Porch. Perfect for relaxing before or after services.
The Front Porch. Perfect for relaxing before or after services. Photo provided by Five Wellbeing.

The Five Wellbeing atmosphere 

Located in a beautifully restored Victorian House in downtown Littleton, the space exudes community and relaxation both locationally and architecturally. The house’s wrap-around porch welcomes new guests and Five Wellbeing patrons alike to enjoy conversation or solitude, depending on their preference. Plus, if you enjoy the outdoors, Five Wellbeing’s backyard is one of a kind.

From the moment I entered, I felt relaxed as I was warmly greeted by the Five Wellbeing staff. Even more, the signature colors, gray and orange, and thoughtful quotes adorning the walls also create relaxation.

Five Wellbeing Spa Backyard Littleton
The Backyard. Photo provided by Five Wellbeing.

The Five Wellbeing [Shift] Yoga Studio

Then there’s the yoga studio… where do I begin? This carefully designed space includes a sound floor to enhance your experience in their classes with vibration. The idea is to combine movement with reverberation to balance your body’s energy. You’ll also notice the lovely butterfly painting in the studio. Be sure to ask Abrams about it! It’s another example of how she and her staff have thoughtfully cultivated the spa experience and carried it throughout the entire space. 

The yoga studio in Five Wellbeing is the perfect escape from everyday life.  -Photo by Jenna Woolam

What makes the Five Wellbeing experience different

Disclaimer: I should mention that I am not a yogi nor do I claim to be well-versed in eastern medicine. But that’s what drew me to Five Wellbeing when I first heard about it from FitLo Founder, Tricia Olson. I needed more balance in my life, and I definitely needed self-care! Overall, that’s what I received from Five Wellbeing’s thoughtfully crafted classes.

Julie Hill, a local yogi and therapeutic yoga instructor, partnered with Abrams to create custom yoga classes that complement the Five Wellbeing experience. As a therapeutic yoga instructor, Hill “focuses sessions on overall wellbeing with physical and subtle body energy work.” Her background, coupled with Abram’s vision, made Five Wellbeing’s focus on Chinese philosophy successful.

Restorative Yoga Five Yoga Littleton FitLo
Meditation class

First impressions of Five Wellbeing yoga and meditation

My first class in the yoga studio was the “Afternoon Reset” with Hill. I expected a restorative yoga class, but I’m apparently not very good at reading class descriptions. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was a guided meditation!

At first, I was apprehensive because I’m not very practiced at quieting my mind. But Hill quickly put fellow FitLo member, Jacove, and I at ease. She set us up in comfortable resting positions with a comprehensive set of props provided by Five Wellbeing (mats, bolsters, pillows and blankets). She then began guiding us through the meditation. The combination of Hill’s voice and the sound vibration of the floor brought total relaxation and rejuvenation.  

My second class at the studio was the signature Five Wellbeing Balance Class. The class is designed to balance all five elements in the body through mind-body practices like yoga, Meridian tapping and Qi-Gong. These rituals in conjunction with the floor vibration definitely created a sense of balance. Plus, the instructor explains the purpose of each motion, which makes the experience even more meaningful!

SolTec Chairs Five Wellbeining Self Care
The Sound Resonance room and  SolTec™ Chairs. Photo provided by Five Wellbeing

Don’t forget about the spa treatments!

On my next visit, it was time to try out the “Inhale” Salt Therapy room and the “Exhale” Sound Resonance room. The salt room had low lighting and inviting, comfortable recliners. The 25 minutes flew by as I inhaled the salt and escaped from my day.

Moving immediately from the Inhale room to the Exhale room and into the SolTec™ chair, I knew I was in for an experience. The SolTec™ chairs are anti-gravity chairs that vibrate in conjunction with the music played through the headphones (similar to the floor in the yoga studio). The twenty five minutes in the chair is supposed to be equivalent to four hours of sleep. Overall, I loved the chair! I felt rested and grounded for the remainder of the day.  

Five Wellbeing Spa Self Care
Photo provided by Five Wellbeing

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Five Wellbeing Yoga Studio + Spa: Prioritize you. Prioritize self-care.
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