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They say you can’t do epic sh*t with basic people. Well at Fitness in the City, the people are far from basic and the workouts are definitely epic.

Fitness in the City Denver Fitness Bosu Pushup

I am exploring the Denver fitness scene like I’m a new kid on the block. No really, I moved here in May of 2016 and getting myself into as many food and fitness related shenanigans as possible! I also like (most) people. So put the 3 together and I’m a happy camper! Anyways, enough about my newbie status. Read on to get the lowdown on Fitness in the City!

Fitness in the City is a morsel of badassery in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Any time I go, I can expect the same awesome instructors, great music, amazing energy from everyone in the room, but the workouts are always different! I’m never bored and my body can’t adapt so it’s burning calories inefficiently (which is what you want!). They put their equipment to use-medicine balls, BOSU, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, you name it- but they also put their members to work by doing strictly bodyweight moves. It’s 50 minutes of high intensity training and a great workout for everyone from novice to elite. Even the instructors take the classes, which really makes it feel like a #fitfam.

Fitness in the City Denver Fitness FitLo Denver

I signed up for their intro month and so far, I have been to 17 out of unlimited classes for the month. I’m enjoying every sweaty second of it! My favorite is ‘Power Hour’ which is exactly what it sounds like. Since power-lifting was my gateway to fitness thanks to my big brothers, I’m all about the heavier lifting, slower tempo. They have a Power Hour total Body, an Upper Body, and a Lower Body class. BUT! That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy FITC’s high intensity, muscular endurance workouts because I need more of that in my life. That’s why I hit up their Meta-Circuit classes a couple times a week. Straight up, I’m probably not going to do this much circuit training on my own. I mean I will, but it’s way more fun when you’re doing it with a group of people!
Fitness in the City Denver Fitness Suspension Training

Another bonus is that with a FITC membership you get access to The River Yoga!

So wait, 1 membership, 2 studios?! YUP! FITC claims to be a community based gym and they nailed it with that partnership. They also collaborate with The Rhythm Revolution so if you’re lookin’ to get your spin on, the RR Tribe is where it’s at!

Even though the instructors at FITC are fun, high-fiving, people they take their fitness seriously and I soooo appreciate how each class starts with a Dynamic Warm Up and ends with a cool down with a foam roller. Even if you’re like, “eh, group fitness is not for me” a proper warm up  before and a foam roll session after is so import to stay injury free and have happy muscles. No one wants angry muscles.  

Also!! They are such a super cool community that they want to invite you to join in on the fun. In April Fitness in the City hosted a fitness field trip to MusclePharm HQ and did a 60 minutes circuit training workout. Ladders, kettlebells, box jumps, you name it we did it. It was totally free. Here are more upcoming events they’re having. Go!!

Fitness in the City at MusclePharm gym Monica Salafia

Photos by Teddy Sirotek


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Fitness in the City

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