McNichols Fit and Fold COMM-UNITY Workout

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Fit and Fold is a fitness and yoga event produced in partnership with the City of Denver, Sound Off Colorado and Jillian Keaveny. Contributers consist of amazing fitness and foodie entrepreneurs really make this a “COMM-UNITY” event. I can’t tell you how good it is to see everyone supporting each other and promoting a fit, active, and healthy community. As a dietitian, I am ALL ABOUT a healthy community.

Have you made it to the Fit and Fold event at the The McNichols Building yet?! The first two events were packed, and I had a blast! If you were there I bet you did too. If you haven’t been, you’re in luck – There are more on the way with the next Fit and Fold event on Tuesday, May 16.  

What to Expect at Fit and Fold

Right after check in you’re greeted with SoundOff headphones. Have you tried a workout with SoundOff headphones yet? No?! Get to it!! It’s wonderful, immersive, and really aids in that whole mind-muscle connection all these fitness experts keep talking about!

What’s playing in the headphones? A collection of perfectly chosen beats produced by live DJ’s. The first two events featured Sonic Flow. Did you know that research supports the use of music to enhance our workout? Working out to a rhythm makes us feel less tired and can even improve exercise performance. While the outside noised is tuned out and the melodies come in, the instructor Jillian Keaveny (aka DJiLLE) of Pearl Street Fitness is cuing you to your next move. You just have to try it to understand how truly amazing this experience is.

The event is called Fit & Fold because first we spend 30 minutes workin’ on our fitness and the next 30 minutes doing yoga. Jillian is very thoughtful of her audience and recognizes that some of us there are really comfortable in fitness, others are more comfortable in yoga so she creates a workout and yoga practice that can be done by all levels and no matter what your preferred flavor of physical activity is.Fit and Fold Denver Fitness Plank

After a namaste we remove the headphones all together. That’s a unique feeling itself because one moment you’re within your own sphere of thoughts and suddenly, when you take the headphones off it’s like a wave of everyday chatter. Everyone has just had a great workout and now there’s time to check out the vendors. I’ll admit, I didn’t spend as much time as i would have likes scoping out the scene. I worked up such an appetite I had to eat my Trader Joe’s Chicken & Couscous salad! Next time I will be sure to make my rounds.

Join us for the next Fit and Fold on Tuesday, May 16 presented by Lorissa’s Kitchen!
Get tickets here.

Fit and Fold Denver Fitness Lorrissa Kitchen May 16

Photos by Teddy Sirotek


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McNichols Fit and Fold COMM-UNITY Workout

McNichols Building
144 W Colfax
Denver, CO 80202

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