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Looking to keep that New Year’s momentum going? Consider checking out a HIIT training workout. What’s HIIT stand for again? That’s High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT training has been hailed as one of 2018’s fitness trends (if not the #1 trendiest way to get your sweat on), offering a quick way to challenge your body and achieve fitness goals. FIT36, a franchise founded in Denver, offers friendly and approachable introduction to HIIT training. With several Denver locations (from LoDo to Lowry to the Denver Tech Center and Parker) Fit36 is all about that HIIT!

FIT36 in HighlandsFit36 in Highlands is about a 10-minute drive from the downtown area and it is tucked in a multi-use building (with its very own garage parking!). The interior is modular and simple; you’ll find your fave gym go-tos for functional movement workouts (kettlebells, dumbells, jump ropes, rowing machines, medicine balls) paired with walls emblazoned with motivational quotes, cards displaying the daily circuit moves, and the signature green and gray of the franchise.

Almost two years ago, Sheryl Langley opened the studio, which is a manifestation of her own strength and self-love inspired by her lifelong passion for fitness. From an early age, Langley has always been on the move, participating in high school sports, teaching college rec classes, and opening her own studio in Scotland.

“Back then I was teaching 15 classes a week and actually doing the classes with [the students],” Langley said. Langley eventually sold the studio, became a mother, moved back to the U.S. and worked in marketing.  But three years ago, Langley needed another change.

She took what she describes as “a hiatus” to focus on herself, launched into a mentorship program, and was inspired and motivated by the people she met in the process. “It was life-changing. So intense. But this mentorship brought me support to believe in myself and to launch into doing this business.”

FIT36, a franchise with Colorado roots, resonated with Langley, and opening the FIT36 Highlands studio would become the next step in her journey.  One of the reasons Langley loved FIT36 is the same reason many of the clients do as well: the concise, effective workout.Sheryl Langley Fit36 in Highlands Owner HIIT workout

“For me,” she said, “it was a matter of how busy life is. It is always about time. To know I can get my workout in and be out of class, grabbing a sandwich for lunch — that’s a really big thing.” In a city saturated with studios, she has a great point. A quick and effective class is hard to come by! At FIT36, the 36-minute class plus the warmup and station demos fit nicely into a 45-minute block (the trainers are amazing about keeping to the schedule). With a little motivation, dry shampoo and a top knot, you can squeeze that workout in before work, after work or even in a lunch break.

The 36-minute workout is paired with an intimate, personal-trainer focused environment. “We can offer [clients] that personal trainer touch within a group training environment,” Langley said.  “With our workout, you don’t have to think and you’ll get results. We write and structure workouts just like you would on your own.  And you just follow the system — push, pull and pulse — and you’ll get results.”

FIT36 combines HIIT with MRT (metabolic resistance training) and microcycles. By the time you’ve learned a circuit (in two weeks), FIT36 will change up the workout and you’ll start all over. The circuits combine cardio, resistance training and dynamic movement to work your entire body.

FitLo Denver at Fit36 in HighlandsFit36 Programming

The week is structured by three kinds of classes: push, pull, and pulse.  Aim to try out one of each or double up during your week for some extra burn. According to Langley, “There is a science to the FIT36 workouts. It has to do with macrocycles. Every two weeks, FIT36 is creating the ability to keep you from plateauing because we are changing the approach every two weeks. You’ll still work the same muscles, but there is no muscle memory.”

“Muscle memory is what causes you to plateau. You will still get sore from these workouts, even if you are going for days, weeks or months. This, combined with the HIIT-style workout is very efficient. HIIT is designed so your workout should not be more than 30 minutes, so you put in the maximum effort in a minimum amount of time. You’ll get both strength and cardio benefits.”

If you haven’t been to a FIT36 class yet, you may be wondering just how high up your heart rate can get. You have the option to wear a heart rate monitor so you can tell exactly how hardFit36 in Highlands Members exerting yourself. The goal is to stay in the anaerobic zone to increase stamina and calorie burning (and get that magical afterburn which keeps burning calories even post-workout).

If this sounds challenging, it is! But don’t be afraid. “You shouldn’t expect to feel intimated,” Langley encourages. “You’ll be in a warm, friendly, safe environment.  Our trainers will modify as needed and will encourage you to ease into it.”

FIT36 Highlands is a small studio with a big heart. From the packed classes at 5:30 am to the trainers who jump in and complete a move with you, there is a whole lot of heart here.

Interested? Get one week of HIIT training at Fit36 free!

Try a free one week trial at any of the locations. Already a fan? Check out FIT36 Highland’s 2-year anniversary party on March 10.  Need a nudge? March marks the start of a six-week transformation challenge complete with coaching and nutritional support.

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36 Minute HIIT Training in Highlands | Get in. Get after it with Fit36.

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