Finding My Tribe at The Barre Code Denver

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BarreCode LoveNovember 3, 2015, I began my journey to finding my tribe at The Barre Code Denver. I was challenged to go one inch lower and hold it for one second longer. On that day, I took my first barre class at The Barre Code in Downtown Denver. When asked why I like The Barre Code so much I make sure to mention the beautiful studio with showers. The variety of strength and cardio based class options that work for everyone’s schedule. That while I love all the classes, Brawl is my favorite class. Then, I go right to the real reasons I love and am addicted to The Barre Code Denver.

Joining The Barre Code means more than just becoming another member of a studio. When you join, you become a member of The Barre Code family. This family or tribe is made up of strong, dedicated women who cheer you on in and outside of class. They encourage you to go one inch lower and hold for one second longer, because they know you can even when you think you can’t. They never say no to an opportunity to celebrate with you whether that be a simple high-five or a photo showing your progress. Even after you leave they are posting encouraging messages on your Instagram feed. I often find myself staying at least 15 – 20 minutes after class because I am having fun hanging out with the instructors and other members.

Barre Code PlankThat encouragement also comes in the way of fun monthly challenges. Right now they are doing the Spring It On Challange which encourages you to take 18 classes in 21 days. To make the challenge more fun, they’ve broken it up into three weeks each with a different theme. Week one was Gym & Juice, followed by Battle of the Boy Bands and finally Find Your Glow. My favorite of the challenges so far was February’s Barre Code Love social media challenge. Barre Code Love wasn’t about going an inch lower or holding a second longer. This “challenge” was about sharing with the world why you love your body. I took this opportunity to share something very personal, my journey as a recovering anorexic. I’ve never openly talked about it in detail with anyone other than my family. I was inspired by all the photos of other strong women showing off the parts of their bodies that they loved. Their inspirational stories inspired me to share mine.

Barre Code gelfieNow, 52 classes in, The Barre Code has been the place where I have found my strength and determination. I have become
persistent in achieving my goals. Even when I feel I can’t, I know, I can go one inch lower and hold it for one second longer. For the first time in a long time, I love my body. I love seeing the changes that have occurred both physically and mentally. The past six months, I’ve met an amazing group of women who are more than just instructors they are my tribe. My tribe extends to more than just the instructors; it includes the friendships I’ve made with other Barre Code members. After class, you’ll often find us taking group pictures, celebrate each others success and we Brawl and brunch together. I could go on and on why I am addicted to The Barre Code, but I recommend you trying it for yourself. I bet you’ll become addicted too.  – Rachael Gonzales, FitLo Denver Ambassador

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Finding My Tribe at The Barre Code Denver
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