Outlaw Yoga | Finding Balance Beyond Tree Pose

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Structurally, Outlaw Yoga is a heated vinyasa style yoga that is simplistic to follow, yet extremely physically challenging. (Tip: There are a lot of chaturangas.) Mentally, the Outlaw Yoga practice took me to a place where I could let it out and release whatever crap I had pent up that day, week, month. Pretty sure I got out a month’s worth.  It was like punching the shit out of a heavy bag one minute, and then relaxing in a hammock on a private island the next. So what I’m saying is – Outlaw Yoga is an extremely intense vinyasa yoga practice, yet serene and meditative at the same time. The Outlaw Yoga classes have a unique way of finding balance beyond tree pose. I left class with the most awesome yoga high and the proper technique for bear hugs. It’s quite the trip.

The Outlaw Yoga co-founder, Justin Kaliszewski thrives on defying the rules and ignoring what he is “told to do.” When I read his book, “Outlaw Protocol: How to Live as an Outlaw Without Becoming a Criminal,” I was taken on a difficult self-journey that is raw and gritty. I faced what and why I do what I do, and was reminded of how I must take action to create my reality. Life is a battle of ego; knowing when to push forward, and when to let go takes practice and dedication to mindfulness. As Justin says in his book, “Simple in theory, hard as hell in application.”

Since this blog originally posted, Outlaw Yoga has moved to Downtown Littleton with a full yoga class schedule and special live music classes. See the schedule here. Although, classes at the Littleton studio are not 100% donation-based, Outlaw Yoga often hosts special donation classes to benefit charity. Watch the video to catch the vibe of Outlaw Yoga.


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Outlaw Yoga | Finding Balance Beyond Tree Pose


2590 W. Main St.
Littleton, CO 80120

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