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Looking to switch up your fitness routine? Look no further than Lagree Fitness! FitLo loves the Denver Lagree Fitness scene. Let’s get the lowdown on what FitLo Ambassadore think about Fierce45, a locally owned Denver Lagree Fitness studio with three locations in LoHi, West Wash Park and  Hilltop. First, lets review…

What is the Lagree Fitness method?

The Lagree Fitness Method incorporates slow, controlled, continuous tension, quick transitions and effective range of motion in order to burn through slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, alike. This method allows you to work your entire body by incorporating strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises. The goal is to keep your body in the fat burning zone for the entire duration of class in order to build long, lean muscles.

Fierce45: High Intensity. Low Impact.

Fierce45 offers 45-minute full body workout classes. You will be sweaty. Your muscles will be shaking. Your core will be working. And, you will be hooked after one class.
At least I was! I think my favorite part of my first class was how much my muscles were shaking. I loved feeling them work. By my third class I was able to stay in each position longer than I was during my first and I was impressed by how much stronger I already felt. – Kim Caro
This calorie blaster (500-800 per class!) workout combines the fundamentals of alignment, breath and mindful movement, with no stress to your joints or spine. Slow controlled movements are the focus of the workout, but the class goes by quickly! As ambassador Scott put it:
There was no down time between any movements, which kept the class moving along fast. And then, what seemed like only minutes after the class started, it was over. – Scott King
Fierce45 Denver Lagree Fitness
There is no doubt that this studio offers a killer workout, but it’s so much more than that! Ambassador Lindsay shared:
Everything about Fierce 45 made me feel like a total bad ass, from the cool interior of the studio, to the motivational quotes on the floor and most importantly pushing past that deep deep shake! – Lindsay Migdal
Each studio has chalkboards hanging on the walls in line with the machines. Once you choose your spot, your encouraged to put your name and your intention for the class on the board in front of you. When you get tired and feel like you can’t keep going, your intention is right in front of you to remind you why you are there.
FitLo ambassador Esperanza also loved the energy of the classes.
The music creates an energy that helps you get in the zone, and stay in the zone. And, let’s not forget about the incredible coaches. They have your back and will make sure you enjoy the slow, controlled 45 minute ride. – Esperanza Castellano Wardroup
Fierce45 Denver Lagree Fitness Inspiration
If you’re looking for an effective workout at a studio that sweats positive vibes check out Fierce45. They offer new students a free first class, and a free second class if you post on Instagram. So, there is no excuse not to try it out.
What are you waiting for? Go embrace the shake!

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Lagree Fitness: Embrace the Shake at Fierce45
(720) 722-1527

335 Holly St, Denver, Colorado 80220

West Wash Park:
527 E. Mississippi St, Denver, Colorado 80210

1208 w. 38th ave, Denver, CO 80210

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