Everyone can love kickboxing, thanks to fitness classes at ILoveKickboxing

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courtneyI have been going to ILoveKickboxing Denver for almost a year now. Whenever I need to get out of my usual cycling, yoga, and gym routine, ILoveKickboxing resets my fitness. I first discovered ILoveKickboxing through one of my college dance team friends. She had been going to classes regularly and raving about the Denver studio. Coming from a dance background, I always gravitated towards what I would consider to be more graceful workouts. I mean, come one, sweaty boxing gloves, kicking and punching? I’m a dancer, not a kickboxer! My friend finally convinced me that the kickboxing kicks are just like kicks in dance class. So I decided to give it a try, especially since I found a great deal on Groupon. My Groupon included 10 classes, one personal training session, and a free pair of gloves (you can still find this deal here). Now I’m hooked and I can truly understand why they named it “ILoveKickboxing.”

It’s true – Everyone can love kickboxing

What I love most about ILoveKickboxing (ILKB) is that there are people of all shapes and sizes, all activity levels, and all ages pushing themselves to do the best they can. One day I was at a 6:30am Friday morning class and I started talking with another member, she told me she was in her 60’s and she had never worked out in her life before discovering ILKB. Now she is kickboxing almost every day!

What to expect at ILoveKickboxing

There are a few ILoveKickboxing locations in Colorado: Longmont, Northglenn, Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Parker and, coming soon, Fort Collins. I go to the Denver studio on Quebec. hand-wrapWhen you first walk in you see all of the bags on the mat, some benches to sit and get ready for class, and the check in desk. At first, it was a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the first session is partially one-on-one personal training. I talked with the trainer to discuss my goals and motivations for starting kickboxing. I told him about my previous dance experience and overall nervousness about trying the class. He reassured me that anyone could do it and they were there to help.

There is always someone behind the desk to greet you when you walk in the door and check you in for class. If you are going to wrap your hands, they ask that you wrap them before class so that you’re all ready to go when class starts. Downstairs are bathrooms and lockers so you can stow all of your gear. Never wrapped your hands before? Don’t sweat it, ILKB team will help! I recommend getting there 15 minutes early for your first few classes so you can get wrapped properly and settled in.

The First Class at ILKB

The first class at ILoveKickboxing is a partial personal training session. Most of your first class is with the group led by the main instructor, then, during the “Bag Rounds” (the best part – when you get to hit things) you have your own trainer who teaches you proper form for all of the different moves. I found the personal support on the first class super helpful since I had never done anything even remotely similar to kickboxing in the past. The first class at a new studio is usually awkward for me. I don’t know where I’m going or what it’s going to be like, but ILKB does a good job of making new students feel welcome, even applauding new students on completing their first class.

Do you like consistency? Are you a bit or a lot of a control freak?

I really enjoy that every class has the same format, so I can go in knowing what to expect. I’m admittedly a control freak, so this
allows me to know exactly what I’m getting myself into for each 60 minute class. Each class starts with a warm up and then a stretch. Up next: Get pumped, it’s time for bag rounds! There are six three-roomminute bag rounds in each class. Each bag round is a different combination of punches and kicks. After taking your stress out on the bag, we partner up with someone else from the class for partner drills. The class finishes with conditioning to build strength and tone. Then  a cool down and class is done!

I can’t go to a class without being sore for a few days. It’s an amazing workout and I always have a blast. The fun and supportive atmosphere keeps me motivated. Class times starting early morning and go through late at night to fit any schedule. I learned that for myself, if I take late night classes I end up too hyped from the endorphin rush and I can’t go to sleep for hours. For this reason, I typically go to the 6:30 am classes during the work week so that the endorphin rush can propel me through my busy work day!

Classes at ILoveKickboxing have been a great way to get me introduced to kickboxing, an incredible full-body workout, and do so in a supportive community environment!

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Everyone can love kickboxing, thanks to fitness classes at ILoveKickboxing


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