Love to dance? Check out dance fitness classes at AKT Cherry Creek.

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More than a fitness or dance class, it’s an all inclusive DANCE FITNESS PARTY at AKT Cherry Creek where dance meets functional training. Don’t be fooled by the ultra chic studio space, you will sweat and leave feeling accomplished. The workouts may be dance inspired, but fitness definitely comes first at this Cherry Creek fitness studio newcomer. AKT was founded in 2013 in New York City by Anna Kaiser, and has become an international fitness sensation. AKT Cherry Creek is Colorado’s first AKT franchise location. The Denver studio owners, Shannon and Bruce Jaeger have been hooked on AKT since their first class and are excited to share their experience with others. This boutique fitness studio offers four formats: DANCE, BANDS, CIRCUIT, and TONE. 

Studio Background

In 2018, AKT partnered with Xponential Fitness, a curator of top boutique fitness brands including CycleBar, Pure Barre, and StretchLab. Shannon and Bruce Jaeger were the first to jump on the AKT franchise opportunity. They were inspired by the unmatched sense of community and really effective programming. 

After 22 years of fitness training and corporate America, the Jaegers were ready for something new!  Shannon’s fitness journey began alongside her mom and Jane Fonda workout videos. From there, she connected with a couple of fitness studios where they were hosting trainings to become instructors. Shannon started off teaching studio aerobics, transitioning to various forms of functional training throughout her career. Most recently, Shannon decided to pursue fitness as a full time venture. After exploring dozens of opportunities, a weekend trip to AKT in New York City was all the Jaegers needed to sign on!   

AKT Cherry Creek Denver owner and instructors
AKT Cherry Creek owner and instructors at a Milk Market Denver AKT pop-up workout.

What makes this dance fitness studio unique?

In the words of co-owners, Shannon Jaeger, “The people. Our instructors are the heart of the studio. They are really wonderful and amazing people. Our instructors are master trainers with incredible resumes. They really care about the consumer and the benefits they are getting.”

I agree! Heather McGuigan, who led my first DANCE class at AKT was one of the most energetic and motivating instructors I have come across in Denver. In each class, the instructors are right there with you doing the workout and reaching max heart rate levels.

AKT Cherry Creek Dance Fitness Instructor

There are not many things that help me clear my mind and improve my mood. Sweating beneath a blacklight and a disco ball surrounded by friends might just be one of the rare successful strategies. The 45-60 minute classes leave you with an unrivaled sense of community and energy. It is such a fun atmosphere to be in. You just get pumped up!

“Sweat and have fun. It’s our job to help you get better.” – AKT Cherry Creek

What’s the workout like?

If you are looking to get fired up and love a good burn, AKT is the place to be! The workouts are open to all fitness ability levels and dancing skills. Each class works your full body the entire time. Regardless of the class you take, the theme is high intensity! Routines change every 3 weeks providing many possibilities for improving your sweet dance fitness moves. For those new to dance or fitness, the website may seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t be intimidated. Just go in and have a good time.


I tried my first DANCE class with fellow FitLo Ambassador, Jessica Pankoff (@Lifewithakiss) during the soft opening in September 2019. The class incorporated more equipment than I would anticipate from a dance cardio class including resistance bands and physio balls. The transitions were quick, switching between dance cardio sessions and strength training circuits. Similar to a traditional dance class, every routine follows an eight count and the movements repeat throughout the class. Even the least coordinated students can pick the movements after a couple attempts. With such a fun atmosphere, we left the class wanting more! 


The BANDS class combines strength and cardio with the use of Pilates boxes and resistance bands. As expected with every class at AKT, BANDS is a full body workout pushing your physical limits every step of the way. I would also recommend this class to first time males interested in checking out the studio! Resistance training is an effective tool for stimulating muscle growth and improving strength regardless of your starting point. 


TONE can be best described as a Pilates and Barre hybrid. As the name might indicate, it is a toning workout comprised of small isometric movements. Every TONE class finishes with a guided foam roll to aid in your post workout recovery. 


I don’t think I need to justify the possible effects of circuit training! CIRCUIT is similar to traditional circuit training classes in structure, incorporating four timed rounds with four exercises each. It differs in that it focuses on “lengthening and leaning out the body.”

Ready to sweat with AKT? Promotions for New AKT Members

The Founding Member Special is a limited time offer. This is 15% off an unlimited package and includes lock-in rate for life as well as retail discounts. This promotion ends Sunday, October 27th!  

Pro Tip: Get your first AKT Cherry Creek class free by signing up for a Preview Class. 



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Love to dance? Check out dance fitness classes at AKT Cherry Creek.
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