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Train. Eat. Live. These are seemingly-simple words. To Dynamic Fitness Co., they are the pillars for achieving success, and the foundation for their cross training style. The Dynamic Fitness Co. community began in 2014  with popup workouts and corporate wellness programs at various locations around town. In the summer of 2017, husband and wife duo, Jeff and Brenda Vaden opened their own brick-and-mortar gym, located on 25th Avenue and Champa Street (Five Points), maintaining the mantra of ‘Train. Eat. Live.”,  as well as accessibility, affordability and the idea that the commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment. Building out their own gym allowed Vaden to fulfill his vision of making cross training with Dynamic Fitness Co. a strategic combination of heavy lifting, body weight exercises, functional movement, stretching, mobility, body work services and nutritional counseling all in one place. The primary goal of cross training at Dynamic Fitness Co. is to condition your body to be ready for anything physical that may come your way. [Cross Training defined by American Council on Exercise (ACE)].

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TRAIN: What is cross training at Dynamic Fitness Co. like?

Dynamic’s training model is scalable cross training, which Vaden and his team of trainers break down into teaching proper movements, building strength and “having fun while doing it.” About their daily workouts, Vaden says, “Whether you’re powerlifting, haven’t been in the gym in a while, or focusing on sports performance, they all have a purpose. Our workouts are constantly changing and you’re constantly getting stronger.”

With Dynamic Fitness Co., you can currently choose between three styles of training: community training classes, personal training, and team training. An online training, “Members Abroad”,  will be made available soon for those unable to attend the gym in person.

What’s the difference between the training options? The community training classes handle up to a maximum of 12 participants. The team training is semi-private personal training for individuals that need the attention provided in one-on-one programs, but thrive in a small group setting. There is also comprehensive one-on-one personal training and nutrition programs designed to get clients to their goals in the most efficient and safest way. Most people start with the community training classes where even within the group setting, Vaden and his trainers are able to offer individualized instruction to help each person achieve their goals. (Example: Six people are familiar with band-assisted pull-ups enough to perform them without additional coaching assistance, while Vaden is able to focus on two people and help them properly step into the band, lock their legs out, and “turtlehead” their head and pull with their lats rather than with their arms.) Through consultation and goal assessment, Vaden works with members to consider whether moving into semi-private or one-on-one training would be a better option for achieving their goals.

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“I’m not a ‘rah-rah’ trainer, it’s about what you put in. The real work comes in when you do the work.” This is something you’ll hear frequently from Vaden at Dynamic Fitness Co., as he believes that training comes down to time, effort and energy. “It all comes down to what you’re willing to give time-wise to accomplish your goals, whether that’s training for a competition, looking fit or to getting the dream job,” Vaden says.

Vaden won’t be yelling reps in your face or threatening you with burpees. He will be focused on assisting you with your form and motivating you to challenge yourself to your fullest potential. If he feels you can handle more, he will add on elements to make the exercise harder. If you need some help, he will provide instruction or modifications to help you maximize the effort you put into the exercise. Vaden has the ability to maintain focus on each individual while also keeping the flow and energy of a fun and engaging group training class. To the participants, this is all feels seamless. However, it takes experience and expertise to pull off this level of offering within group class setting.

EAT: We’re talking about ALL the things that nourish our body.

As a trained nutritionist, there is a certain degree of nutrition conversation that Vaden incorporates into every training session. Don’t be surprised if he asks what you ate before training. [Pro Tip: You should eat before you workout.]

Vaden offers the option for more structure and direction about nutrition for clients looking to enter into a nutrition-specific program. His philosophy, though focused on nutrient-dense foods, isn’t just about the consumption of food.

“When we talk about consumption at Dynamic, we’re talking about all things that nourish our body,” Vaden says. “That could mean food, books, good times with friends and good times with family. Nourishment means anything that helps make us a better person.”

Pozole Soup Dynamic Fitness Co. nutrition


Scrolling through the Dynamic Training Co. Instagram, you’ll see the three pillars of eat, train, live interwoven throughout the photos. Recipes and delicious-looking food are often seen, as well as gym members crushing their workouts, but when it comes to photos displaying “living,” Dynamic often chooses to display things that don’t necessarily have to do with the gym itself. “To us, ‘living’ happens inside and outside of the gym, and it means taking the gifts we have been given or worked really hard to achieve and sharing them with the world,” Vaden says. “Whenever you’re using your talents or gifts for something beneficial, that’s living.”

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A sense of community

With its building standing firm, right in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood, it’s evident that Dynamic Fitness Co., is a community gym. From their local partnerships  to their grand opening last summer — when they rolled up their garage door, held workouts on the astroturf, and parked a taco truck in the driveway — there is an abundance of community pride. This same pride and community vibe is even more evident on the training floor.

Community training is the heart of our gym. It encompasses our philosophy on train, eat, live and our members truly experience these benefits together.” Vaden says. “You will meet people of all backgrounds and levels of experience, and those will be the people working alongside and supporting you at every workout. We’ve based our gym on this – we are the experts, but our members are the ones that inspire us and each other to improve our health and fitness.” 

Cross Training at Dynamic FitLo PassportJoin FitLo for a Community Workout + Party at Dynamic Fitness Co.

FitLo will be hosting a FitLo Passport event on Wednesday, February 28, at 6:15 p.m. Join in for a workout with Jeff, stay for the post workout party, which will include a live DJ, Basemnt Denver, Rock Tape by Well Set Denver, cupping by B well Massage, CBD oil massages by Color Up Therapeutics and post workout snacks by My Vision Nutrition, Kite Hill, CLEAN CAUSE Yerba Mate and Hello Fresh + wine and beer. Special guest Carlyn Shaw, founder of Strangers to Friends will get us making authentic connections which is what community is all about.

Register for the FitLo Passport Event at Dynamic Fitness Co. Here.

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