Compass Fitness: Denver’s Fitness Superband

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Format(s) Taken: Boxing/Kickboxing Strength Training Functional Fitness HIIT Yoga

Additional Formats Available: Personal Training Yoga Dance Fitness

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Compass Fitness is an independent Denver gym that was founded last Spring (2018) by an all star team of Denver fitness trainers: Jillian Keaveny, Heather Lorince, Cory Jagger and Tara Laferrara. You have likely taken a class, followed on Instagram, or heard of these local fitness trainers. I call them the superband or supergroup of Denver fitness trainers as they have each established themselves as well-known, reputable fitness trainers on their own before teaming up to create Compass Fitness.  While they weren’t planning to open a brick and mortar studio together, the right opportunity presented itself, and they figured, “What the hell, let’s give it a try.”

The Compass Fitness co-founding team signed a lease for their space on Broadway and Evans literally 20 minutes before 120 people showed up for a Friday evening workout. I was there. The space felt massive for a boutique style gym and it was down to the bare-bones at the time. Seriously, it was an empty warehouse space with concrete floors. That didn’t stop the fitness party. Like the pros they are, the Compass co-founders filled the empty space with energy, enthusiasm, and witty banter, and, proceeded to deliver an epic superclass fueled by community connection and killer playlist, which we vibed to via Sound Off Colorado headphones. It was official, Compass Fitness had been born and established.

“We believe there are many ways to move your body, not just one. We believe in removing the pressure of competition. We believe you should choose your direction. Live life by a compass. Not a clock.” ” – Compass Fitness Denver

Compass Fitness Denver First Fitness Event
The first Compass Fitness event just after signing the lease. I’m in the red shoes!

Compass Fitness: Find Your Direction

Compass Fitness is all about coloring outside the lines, being unique, and finding the best version of yourself, whatever that means for you each day. There is a wide variety of fitness classes at Compass to choose from, including: boxing/kickboxing, HIIT, yoga, core, dance cardio, strength training, and speed and agility. The instructors at Compass Fitness have been carefully selected to teach classes based not only on their expertise, but also for their own unique teaching style so there is variety. While the instructors and formats vary, one element remains constant – make sure every person who walks through the door feels welcomed and taken care of:

“Injuries? We’ve got modifications ready for you.” – Tara Laferrara

“You want a dance break? Let’s do it.” – Heather

“Need to cry? Let it out… We are going to meet every person where ever they are emotionally and physically, and, hold them in that space. We believe in being apart of something bigger than just a workout. We are bombarded with routine, criticism and judgement (within ourselves and others). Take this time to pause and hold a space for yourself. There is no competition. Work out hard for yourself. We are all on the same playing field with a shared vulnerability.” – Jillian Keaveny

Yes, the nurturing vibes are high at Compass Fitness, but don’t be mistaken, if you want it, they will totally kick your ass in class.

Compass Fitness Earn Your Booze
Earn Your Booze Event | Photo by @lisahaefnerphoto

Collaboration Over Competition

While Compass Fitness features a comprehensive schedule of daily classes taught by their resident instructors, they are also dedicated to creating a space of collaboration with outside fitness trainers and studios in Denver . They believe that each studio, gym and trainer is unique and offers a different experience, which attracts different people. At Compass Fitness, they not only talk about collaborating, but they do it on the reg. Given the size of their space, Compass can host large fitness and yoga events, which is often not the case for most boutique studios. Compass Fitness welcomes other fitness studios, trainers and organizations with open arms to host and co-host fitness events in their space. Compass also hosts or co-hosts at least one donation-based event each month to give back to the community.

High Ride Cycle at Compass Fitness Denver Fitness Trainers
High Ride Cycle event at Compass Fitness.

Upcoming Events at Compass Fitness:

Compass Fitness cofounders
Compass Fitness co-founders: Jillian, Heather, Cory, Tara

Learn More About Compass Fitness Denver and the Co-Founders

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Compass Fitness: Denver’s Fitness Superband

2059 S Broadway
Denver, CO, 80210

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