Committed to Helping People Move Better | ProjectMOVE CrossFit and Sports Performance Training

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Format(s) Taken: CrossFit Strength Training HIIT Functional Fitness

Additional Formats Available: Kids Fitness Personal Training Nutrition

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ProjectMOVE is committed to helping people MOVE better. They offer CrossFit and sports performance training for children, teens and adults at their facility in Littleton. At ProjectMOVE, you will be expertly assessed for your current baseline level of fitness, and that becomes your starting point. Once your capabilities are measured and defined, you will be challenged and supported to progress based on your personal baseline. Like most gyms and studios, you participate in group classes that create community, however, at ProjectMOVE you will be coached as an individual by a training team who objectively understands your physical capabilities. It’s science, man. Awesome!

The coaching team is extremely educated and experienced in fitness and sports therapy (doctors and a whole lot of notable certifications). Impressive! What’s even more impressive is that they are not only smart and dedicated to safe and effective training techniques, they are dedicated to supporting the community and the future of our children.

When I reached out to local gyms and CrossFit boxes about creating a team for Kettlebells4Kids, FitLo’s charity partner to support homeless children, they were the first to be ALL IN for the cause!  There is so much to explore with ProjectMOVE and their CrossFit and sports performance training programs. It is a place where I trust I can totally geek out on the science of exercise AND I LOVE THAT. Geeking out doesn’t mean boring, they have many programs for children and adults, community outings and in-gym events that are fun & engaging! Including regular workshops and educational learning sessions led by fitness pros and movement specialists.


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Committed to Helping People Move Better | ProjectMOVE CrossFit and Sports Performance Training

4925 S Santa Fe Dr Unit 100
Littleton, Colorado 80120

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