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Format(s) Taken: Boxing/Kickboxing HIIT

Additional Formats Available: Fitness Competition Prep Personal Training Strength Training Functional Fitness

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More than a decade ago Frankie Cole created Cole Fusion Fitness, an independently owned Denver gym. Frankie has been dedicated to fitness for decades as personal trainer and fitness instructor. He has spent years growing his community and helping people reach their fitness goals, whether they are aesthetic, functional or sports-specific.  As both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor he and his team of trainers craft individual training programs as well as fitness classes that involve boot camp, kickboxing, boxing and HIIT group fitness workouts. Frankie has been doing this for years, before HIIT was even a term, before P90x was a thing and just around the popularity of Billy Blanks Tae Bo workouts.

Frankie has been there, done that and doing more. One look at Frankie and you are inspired. In his 40’s, Frankie is still rocking a chiseled physique with a magnetic enthusiasm that will power you through dozens of squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees and whatever else he calls out. When he says “YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!” It is on. You do not quite. You get your knees off the floor and finish your push-ups, proper. You keep going.

My first class at Cole Fusion Fitness
Cole Fusion Fitness considers themselves to be ‘Fitness with an attitude’.There is a bit of toughness and edge to Cole Fusion Fitness. When I first walked through the doors at for a boxing class, it was like, “Hi. Class is over there. Here are some gloves. Put your phone down. Stop snapchatting.” During class, I worked my ass off and showed my dedication to challenging myself. After class we were taking selfies and cracking jokes.

You’re gonna work hard and it’s gonna be uncomfortable. I want you to get filthy. We will find the athlete within you and you will achieve your goals. – Frankie Cole

Cole Fusion Fitness Classes and Personal Training Denver CO Expect to be pushed to your fullest potential.
Frankie is dedicated to getting to know each member and understand their goals, strengths and weaknesses. Be ready to get the work done. There is no slacking, no holding hands and no participation trophies. All ages, fitness experience and skill levels are welcome. Your workout will be scaled accordingly so that you are set up for success, but you have to put the work in. This is not to intimidate, but rather to let you know – Expect to be challenged and pushed to your fullest potential. To me, I feel like I’ve found a gem I take a class led by a personal trainers who also has the ability to teach group fitness. They have the intuition of how to connect and read people on an individual level, the intelligence to modify and adjust with each skill level, as well as coordinate the rhythm and cadence to lead the energy and comradery a group fitness class. Not all trainers can do this successfully, Frankie Cole is certainly one of them!

Membership Options
Cole Fusion Fitness has various membership packages from personal training, open access to weight training and cardio equipment, to scheduled group fitness classes held in the evenings. All three options offered with a small gym vibe in the Denver Golden Triangle.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, but the ability to achieve your goal has to come from within.



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Cole Fusion Fitness | ‘Fitness with an Attitude’

1100 Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80204

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