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Jennifer Carlson opened Club Pilates Edgewater in 2015. At the time, there were only three Club Pilates studios in Colorado. While Club Pilates has become a large fitness studio franchise, it started with a distinct vision in 2007 at its first location in San Diego, California, founded by Allison Beardsley. Allison’s vision was to make Pilates Reformer classes accessible, inclusive and affordable. Back in 2007, Pilates studios had a stigma for being rigid, exclusive and expensive. Allison based her Pilates classes on Joseph Pilates’ original Reformer-based Contrology Method, then sprinkled in some changes that would modernize the Pilates studio experience and make it available to a broader population. Allison was on to something big because Club Pilates studios grew quickly. Today there are hundreds of Club Pilates locations across the country. Currently, there are 18 Club Pilates Studios in Colorado.

Now that you have some background, this review is to specifically feature Club Pilates Edgewater and owner, Jennifer Carlson. How did an accounting and finance auditor, decide to become a Pilates instructor and then go on to open her own Club Pilates studio? Six years ago, Jennifer discovered Pilates through a mat class at a 24 Hour Fitness in California. She found Club Pilates Encinitas (the first franchisee location) on Groupon and decided to give Pilates Reformer classes a try: “My first class was with a friend. The movements were slow, but we both got our butt kicked and I wanted more. I drove the extra distance to get to the Sanita’s studio and take 6 am classes before work, even though I am not an early morning person.  The classes made me feel good and I was hooked. ” Right away, Jennifer became a loyal member. It wasn’t long before Jennifer was inspired to become a trainer. She researched several programs, but none of them felt right, except for the Club Pilates teacher training program. Jennifer completed the Club Pilates teacher training program in 2012, and, before she knew it, she was working as an auditor full time and teaching early morning and evening Club Pilates classes.

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Soon an auditing job brought Jennifer back out to Denver. All the right pieces fell into place and she was given the opportunity to open the Club Pilates Edgewater location in 2016. “I was terrified and excited. A lot of people told me not to do it. I also had a lot of support to do it. At the time there were only 3 Club Pilates studios in Colorado and 25-30 in the country. I believe in what Club Pilates has to offer,  and what it has done to change my life. I knew it was the right decision to get in while the franchise was still young and be a part of the growth. So I decided to go for it.” She was right. Proof that it is good to trust your gut!

Today, Jennifer balances being a full time consulting financial auditor, studio owner and Pilates teacher. Talk about boss lady status!

“I want to help bring Pilates to a larger community of people through the Club Pilates experience. Everybody can do this workout and everyone can benefit. Even on their best day, I hope that people feel better when they leave, than when they walked in the door.”

The Lowdown: What’s Club Pilates Edgewater like?

ACCESSIBLE: Club Pilates was created to be accessible and inclusive. And it is! Every time I walk into the studio, I am met with friendly faces. There is zero intimidation and everyone is kind and helpful, this includes the staff, instructors and members! Overall there is a calming breezy vibe. I especially love how there are a few ceiling panels that display a gorgeous sky with puffy clouds. If you didn’t know, in Pilates Reformer class you spend a good deal of time on your back. A huge part of a Pilates practice is breath and maintaining a steady, calm focus, The clouds definitely help!

Club Pilates Edgewater FitLo Review Equipment

THE EQUIPMENT: Each person in class gets a station. Each station is decked out with several pieces of  equipment beyond the reformer itself, including TRX suspension trainers, a barre, Exo-Chair, Bosu ball, mats, rollers, light hand weights, and more. I was impressed how an upright chair quietly made it’s way into one of the reformer flow classes. The instructor’s voice was so calm and soothing and then, bam, upright chair. It was a seamless transition, but still a smooth trick, I thought. It didn’t last long though, and then we flowed into another exercise. I love how every class is different and the equipment changes up a lot during class, which keeps the session interesting and functional. PRO TIP: there are different class options. Be sure to check out descriptions before taking one on. If it is your first class, be careful to not end up in Level 2.5 class. (See the descriptions of Club Pilates classes.)

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THE WORKOUT: Pilates was created as a form of rehabilitation. The overall pace is steady and methodical. This approach is great for focusing on areas that you forget to focus on during fast-pace, higher intensity workouts.

  • If you enjoy tough workouts and consider yourself to be at a high level of fitness, Pilates is a great way to slow down, balance and restore. Which is important for preventing injury and improving your overall athletic performance.
  • If you consider yourself more of a fitness newbie or getting back into shape, this is a great, non-intimidating, way to build slowly without “over doing it”, creating a strong foundation for when you are ready to hit an ass kickery type of workout.

“Do Pilates. Do Life.” – Club Pilates

Whether your in tip top elite athlete shape, rehabilitating, or, getting into “shape” Pilates is an excellent format for everyone and Club Pilates is dedicated to making Pilates accessible, inclusive and affordable. Each time I leave Club Pilates Edgewater, I feel light, lifted and breezy. In other words, as Jennifer called it, it just feels good!

Live Interview With Club Pilates Edgewater Owner, Jennifer Carlson

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Club Pilates Edgewater: Bringing Pilates to the people.
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