Catch a Gnarly Workout at City Surf Fitness Denver

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Format(s) Taken: HIIT Functional Fitness

Additional Formats Available: Yoga Barre

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City Surf Fitness is bringing in waves of fun to the fitness scene in Denver.  Keith Plum, Owner, said his goal is “to make fitness fun”. Mission accomplished!
City Surf Fitness studio

City Surf Fitness adds balance to your workout…literally! The studio has surfboards set upon two BOSU balls, giving you the extra challenge of maintaining stillness on the slightly unsteady surfboards. Don’t worry, by the 2nd class you feel more comfortable and at one with the board.

I took all four of their classes offered and had a great workout each time. Here is what’s offered:

  • Big Kahuna- emphasis on strength
  • City Surf- a mix of strength & cardio but with more surf elements, like pop-ups!
  • Buddha Board- vinyasa flow yoga
  • Beach Body Bootcamp- cardio and interval training


Big Kahuna

This was my first class and I really enjoyed the pace as a first timer. We worked with resistant bands and “sandbells” which came in 8, 10, or 12-pound cushions that are filled with, well, sand!

The workout was set up like a familiar strength-training workout. We worked on different sets that exercised each of the major muscle groups. Doing bicep curls with a resistant band is a lot harder than you think when you’re balancing!

City Surf 

This is their traditional exercise class. We “paddled” and did pop-ups (so fun!) which really elevates your heart rate and works on that explosive movement. #ATP. Maybe i’ll take my skills to the Pacific someday ? .

A little more balance is needed here due to more explosive movements. You’re on the surfboard 95% of the time and the other 5% might be spent doing sandbell slams or an exercise you chose to do on the floor.

The instructors really care about the effectiveness of your workout so hakuna matata if you’re feeling off-balance.

Buddha Board

Believe it or not, yoga was probably the most challenging for me. I had to really focus on that mind-muscle connection so I could get the benefits of the poses when we were on the board. Some of the series (more balance) was done on the ground.

Beach-y music really set the intentions of the class and the lights were dimmed which made the projector screen more visible. Interested in having a view of the beach while doing yoga? Yes please!

Beach Body Bootcamp

If you’re looking for a higher-intensity workout, then this ones for you! There were a lot explosive, cardio-based movements which are all really effective at burning calories even after the workout. AKA excess post-oxygen consumption (EPOC).

All four classes were awesome and the instructors have a lot to do with that. Before I left, I asked Keith what his mission was when he opened up the studio. His humbling answer was:


“Empowering instructors is the absolute end goal for me in City Surf next to providing a fun and dynamic workout experience to our customers. The two goals are intertwined and culminate in our purpose – cultivate happiness by inspiring free, active lifestyles.”


the details

Catch a Gnarly Workout at City Surf Fitness Denver
(720) 316-7656

595 E 19th Ave
Denver, CO 80203

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