Calibrate Sports Health: Get fit while you build a resilient body.

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Calibrate Sports Health is an independently owned gym and sports recovery center in Downtown Littleton specializing in fitness and recovery programs, small group fitness classes, personal training, and rehabilitation. I first met the owner, Chris Nissler, before he had opened Calibrate Sports health. He was giving a presentation about the science and methodology behind integrating injury prevention methods with sports performance training. Basically, the concept is to train to reduce the risk of injury while optimizing sports performance, rather than workout really hard, injure a healthy body, and then have to rehabilitate. Furthermore, Chris created a focus around starting with adolescent and teen athletes.

As a mom, I see how my 6 year old idolizes American Ninja Warriors and loves to play basketball and soccer. I think to myself,  imagine how our strong our children will become and grow to be resilient adult athletes if we start training them with this type of method early in their athletic training? For me, growing up as a dancer, there was little concern for the long-term perseveration of my physical health – So, I was hooked on the concept.

Chris has spent years helping elite athletes return from injury and perform at the highest levels of athleticism. He has worked with professional athletes, physicians, and college athletes. As a lifelong student with the passion of helping others, Chris opened Calibrate in the fall of 2017 with the mission of bringing this same level of care beyond the elite athlete. To welcome “every, body”, and provide a gym that specializes in small group fitness classes, personal training, recovery and rehabilitation. Whether you are an athlete training for the next big competition, or you are starting your very first workout, Chris has built a program and team of strength coaches, manual therapists and movement professionals to implement a genuinely  integrated approach to health and wellness where people of all ages and activity levels can thrive.

“I didn’t see anyone take on a fitness studio approach from the perspective of injury prevention. I created Calibrate Sports Health to get people fit while building a resilient body in the process.” – Chris Nissler

This kind of fitness training is also known as functional fitness. This is a term that gets thrown around a lot lately…

What is Functional Fitness?

I asked Chris how he defines Functional Fitness, in his words, “Functional Training is training for everyday life. When you move furniture, work on home improvement projects, pick up a toddler… these are multiplanar movements. How can we simulate what we do in life, or on the court, in the gym for optimal transference into daily life.”

Calibrate Sports Health Kettlebell Swing

What to expect in a Calibrate Functional Fitness Workout

Each functional fitness workout is about 50 minutes. Each workout will include a thorough warmup to get your body ready for the workout. The functional fitness workouts can range from body weight exercises to the use of suspension training, kettlebells, sandbags and barbells. Sometimes the lifts are heavy, but it’s not just about lifting heavy weights. It’s about lifting with a plan for functional fitness in mind, your fitness goals, and physical capacity.

Calibrate Sports Health Kinstretch


There is also a class called Kinstretch. This class takes mobility and stretching to the next level. Yes, it is important to stretch and increase range of mobility, but what about creating the ability to control movement in those extended ranges of mobility? That is what the Kinstretch class does. It develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. Learn more about the Kinstretch class.

Recovery Therapy

Beyond the small group classes and personal training sessions, there are sports recovery therapy options, including NormaTec compression boots, Marc Pro Plus Muscle Stimulation, NuCalm therapy for the health of your nervous system and Rocktape. These are therapies perfect for right after your workout, or you can come in and enjoy on their own when you need recovery, not a workout.

Calibrate Sports Health Recovery Room

Getting Started

To get started at Calibrate you will begin with their jumpstart program. This includes a strategy session with an assigned coach who will meet with you to learn about your history and goals. This coach will continue to work with you with periodic check-ins and personal training sessions. You begin with the jumpstart classes which will break down basic functional movements and exercises. These are semi-private classes to make sure your physical competence has reach the right level to join in a regular class. Everyone is welcome at Calibrate so depending on your experience, you may spend more or less time in the Jumpstart classes

Zero Intimidation

Calibrate Sports Health has a friendly, neighborhood vibe. While Chris and his team of expert trainers take their programming and training expertise seriously, the members are fun, welcoming and laid back. Classes are small so everyone gets to know each other and supports one another regardless of what “level” each person is at.

You should try Calibrate if you…

  1. Are rehabilitating an injury or are keen on preventing injuries that can occur with fitness and sports training workouts. (i.e., You care about preserving and taking care of your body, not just crushing it.)
  2. Want to take the time to learn correct form and are willing to commit the process of getting it right.
  3. Like small classes with personal attention (2-6 people)
  4. Are training for a specific sport, race or competition
  5. Enjoy people who are fun and laid back, yet like to totally geek out on the science of fitness and sports performance training.

Try a few classes: Calibrate Sports Health offers your first week free!

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Calibrate Sports Health: Get fit while you build a resilient body.
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