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Regardless of how many times I walk into a new gym, I still get some nervous jitters. “How hard will it be?” “Will I like it? “Will I fit in? “Will they like me?”- Bingo. Ultimately, it all comes down to will I fit in and will I feel loved. Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch members and trainers make it their  priority to make people feel welcome. Perhaps it’s because many of the members and trainers are moms and dads that have that nurturing instinct to help others. Or maybe it’s because since I’m a mom, I feel like I’m with my people who are excited to work out at 5 am on a weekday and 7 am on the weekend. Honestly, I maintain my perspective that it’s the best time of the day to get in “me time” and kick some ass before the bustle of taking care of everyone else kicks in. I am not knocking taking care of others. In fact I thrive on it! However, I also thrive on my early morning workouts. (Don’t mess with ’em.) Apparently the members at Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch agree because their early morning boot camp classes are packed! Do you not buy it? Still not digging the early mornings? There are mid-morning and evening classes which also have free childcare at select classes. Yes. I said FREE. And, the kids will be maxin’ with 1200 square feet in the childcare room. It’s like it’s own daycare center!

Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch Community

About the Burn Boot Camp Workout

Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch offers boot camp workouts that are 45 minutes with the exception of the 5 am classes. Those are 30 minutes for a quick burn. 5 am-ers  are welcome to stay as long as you like for the 5:30 am class to get in a full 45 or 60 minutes. The boot camp workouts are programmed throughout the week to achieve benchmark goals like pull ups and pushups as well as strength focused days and cardio focused days. The workouts are intended to get you to your fitness goals, and there is proof. When you walk in the walls are lined with pictures and success stories of Burn Boot Camp members.

Burn Boot Camp offers all the goods of a boot camp with various body weight movements, fitness equipment and a really cool floor that’s gentle on the joints. However, there are no drill sergeants. The boot camp trainers are there to cheer you on and inspire you to have fun with your workout. I took a Saturday 7 am class with Larz which included a throwback playlist. (Solid.) During our tabatta set, trainer Larz says,” You can do anything with 80’s music. That’s just science.” This made me smile and hold on a bit longer. I unofficially fact checked, and the verdict: Truth. You really can do anything with 80’s music! P.S. I rarely smile during workouts. I guess you can say I get pretty serious about my ass kickings.

Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch FitLo Denver
Dena, me and Larz feeling post work vibes after the 7 am Saturday workout.

The Boss Lady Behind It All: Dena Hudson

I had some time to get to know the owner of Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch, Dena Hudson, with an (early morning) coffee. First, I asked Dena how she found Burn Boot Camp. As a Colorado Native, Dena had been living in Charlotte, North Carolina for several years. She had her second child and was working on getting back into shape. She would jog a few times per week and work her 60 per week day job, climbing the corporate ladder. One day, she was talking with a (super fit) neighbor who went to Burn Boot Camp and mentioned there was a 2 week free trial. Dena felt she needed something more than jogging so she decided to check it out. She drove 20 minutes to get to Burn Boot Camp for her first class at 5:30  in the morning. She was terrified. Dena described:

“I couldn’t even do one modified push-up. I thought, how was I going to get through an entire boot camp?”

After one class with the founder, Devan Kline, Dena was hooked and began taking 4-5 classes per week. She got her full (on the toes) push-ups within a month and felt like a brand new person. Her workouts became her favorite way to self-care:

“Not only did I gain physical strength. I gained energy and felt a boost for my mental and emotional health. I felt lighter and happier, which helped make me a better mom and still does.”

When it came time to move back to Colorado, Dena couldn’t imagine life without Burn. She had found her passion and wanted to bring it to her home state. The rest is history. Want to learn more about Dena’s journey and Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch? Join us for a FitLo Live interview on Tuesday, March 6 at 8 pm.

Workout with Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch

Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch is celebrating its one year anniversary April 2 with their thriving fitness community.  Want to check it out for yourself? Join FitLo for a workout with Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch on Saturday, March 10 at 10 am: Register for the FitLo event with Burn Boot Camp here. There will be free child care! Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch also offers everyone their first two weeks free!

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Burn Boot Camp Highlands Ranch: Committed to Community, Strength + Passion


This location has closed since this review was posted.
8800 S Colorado Blvd, Unit C
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