Barre is my medicine. I found my fix at Barre Forte Colorado.

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It has taken me some time to face this truth: Barre is my medicine. It’s a necessary (good) evil and Barre Forte is good at delivering the goods my body craves.   I appreciate how the instructors are fun and welcoming with a relentless dedication to maintaining your ass with class! Plus, I feel safe. I’m not necessarily referring to the risk and danger kind of safe, but more of a “safe space” to let it all go.

What’s Barre?
Barre is a fitness discipline involving very small and intentional movements meant to fatigue your muscle(s) through high repetitions. It is a full body workout. During the portion of class that focuses on movements to tone your thighs, it’s signature for your legs to start shaking uncontrollably. At first it can take some getting use to.  After a few classes the shake becomes a proud achievement because that’s when you know you are making changes, increasing strength, and sculpting beautiful lean muscles.

“The shake is what we strive for in our classes,” says Nadia Walker, creator of Barre Forte, “We nicknamed the shake, a ‘barre-gasm’ to add in some cheeky humor during a challenging moment. It’s part of the secret sauce our instructors cook up to create the results that our clients crave while keeping the moment light and fun .”

Although it’s a word that likely creates a double take or blushed cheeks within the lavish Colorado barre studio environment, I wasn’t surprised when this word came straight out of Nadia’s mouth. Barre Forte instructors and members are the let-your-hair-down type of “tell it like it is” women with a healthy balance of sass and class.

“I grew up dancing with the perception that ballet/barre must be very prim and proper. When I decided to create Barre Forte I knew that I didn’t want it to be anything short of who I am: quirks and all,” says Nadia.

What it’s like at Barre Forte?
Bold colors, turned up (uncensored) music, and an extraordinarily challenging workout are all signature of what you can expect.

I’ve personally visited all of the Barre Forte Colorado locations and I can attest that beyond the challenging workout, there is a kind and supportive community. The instructors make it a point to learn your name and make conversation before and after class. Even as a newbie, I never felt awkward walking into the classroom.  Whether there are 2 or 20 people in class, we are all there for the same fundamental reason; to gain strength inside and out. When you take class at Barre Forte, be ready to feel empowered!

“I’ve had students break down into tears telling me that they have never felt part of anything before. At Barre Forte, I hope to create a space where people feel empowered, included and special.” says Nadia.

Barre Forte in the Community and Giving Back
The Barre Forte Colorado team takes pride in cultivating pop-up and donation events throughout the community to give their women another outlet to connect with fellow barre enthusiasts and have fun.

Recently, Barre Forte took to the Pepsi Center for barre on the court before the Nuggets game. I’ve certainly had a stint of sweat envy from their burlesque and bubbly treat yourself events, and the Puppy Line Rescue Yoga class with Emcee Emily from Mix 100.

They have also created several community initiatives to support charities such as Safe House Denver, (Barre gives back) and Free The Girls to aid in preventing sex trafficking.

“The events have morphed into what they are now because I wanted Barre Forte to be so much more than just another monthly membership,” says Nadia.

FitLo Ambassador Jess Hall at Barre Forte barre class

Meet Your Best.
The truth is that I walked through the doors of Barre Forte not so I could have an easy workout class, but rather so that I could get my ass kicked and toned. These ladies are booty artists.

Even I, Jess Hall with strong legs from my fitness and dance background, leave class feeling the burn and the barre-gasm. The next day I’m “can’t sit down” sore and I love seeing my husband look at my derriere with a newfound appreciation after just 3 classes! I swear there must be something in the water, or rather in that sauce”.

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough… Moving to the Beat.
This morning we jammed out to a Michael Jackson vs. Prince playlist. I mean come on, if anyone can make me enjoy my leg shake it’s gonna be the King of Pop! If I’m going to put myself through the pain and torture of the 2 up 2 downs, I might as well be able to sing and pulse along to the beat.

FitLo Ambassador Jess Hall at Barre Forte Colorado

“Musicality is a must in my book,” says Nadia, “ I was never really a worker outer because of dance and gymnastics, but once my knees told me enough is enough, I knew that my workout needed to be driven by the beat.”

The class flows seamlessly from one exercise to another with the cleverly placed transitions set by the instructor. Before I know it, I’m hearing the final countdown 3…2..1… and release. Stretching never felt so good!

So I’ll say it, I went into Barre Forte feeling the way I do about a doctor’s appointment – do I have to? I came out and immediately logged into the app to book my next class. If it’s not the hard workouts and killer playlists that will keep you coming back for more, it’s the sense of belonging to a community of empowered women, and the full social event calendar.

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More about Barre Forte – A Colorado Grown Barre Studio
In 2012, Barre Forte was one of the first local and independent barre studios founded in Denver. After reaching incredible success with the first studio, additional locations were opened in Colorado and a licensing began with new studios in Colorado and across the country. Six years later, Denver-based founder, Nadia Walker, has partnered with Barre Forte LoHi owners, Sarah Brittenham and Amy O’Connell to open multiple studio locations, lead a barre teacher certification program and licensing opportunities nationwide. Barre Forte has officially arrived on the fitness scene with major Boss Babe status!

Barre Forte Licensing If you feel as though you’d like to create your own little Barre Forte community, learn about Barre Forte licensing options that will help you build your booty empire.

Barre Forte Barre Teacher Certification

Barre Instructor Certification Want to get certified to teach barre? Learn more about the Barre Forte certification program and upcoming dates.



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Barre is my medicine. I found my fix at Barre Forte Colorado.
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