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barre3 Highlands Ranch is the third of its franchise to pop up in the Denver metro area. And, quite literally, it did pop up. Even before the studio opened its doors in September, barre3 Highlands Ranch was hosting free classes around town, spreading the buzz and the burn at places like Breckenridge Brewery and Anthropologie. It was clear in those early pop up classes that barre3 Highlands Ranch would bring a wealth of positive energy and good vibes to the fitness community.

Housed in the new Central Park development in Highlands Ranch, barre3 was the first tenant to open its doors. The space, in a word, is lovely. With crisp whites, soft woods and a window overlooking the mountains, it’s an Instagrammer’s dream. There is also parking, quick access to the highway (off C-470 and Lucent Boulevard), and the promise of other soon-to-open fitness and health-conscious businesses (Mad Greens, Orangetheory Fitness, Zoe’s Kitchen and more). barre3 amenities include lockers, toiletries, towel service and even child care.

About the owner of barre3 Highlands Ranch

Britney Palmer, barre3 Highlands Ranch studio owner, came to barre3 with a fitness background including indoor cycling and hip hop dance. When she traveled, she would always seek out a barre studio for her workout — no matter where she was. She discovered barre3 when work took her to Oklahoma City. Britney loved the format so much that she got certified and began teaching barre in 2013. The dream of studio ownership didn’t fall far behind. One day her husband asked her, “What would you do if you could do anything?” Her response: “I would own a barre3 studio.”

Britany Palmer, barre3 Highlands Ranch studio owner.

Palmer moved out to Colorado in 2016, excited to make those dreams a reality. She knew that Highlands Ranch would be the perfect place to do it. From the opening in September until now, Palmer has worked to engage the local community. From offering free community classes with new teachers (so much fun and such high energy) to even a full weekend of free classes for a November Open House. She hopes to continue this engagement with other local businesses and organizations as the studio grows. But you don’t need to look further than the studio itself, which offers it’s own community. Classes are small and the instructors are approachable.

Barre3 Highlands Ranch Britney Palmer Teaching

The barre3 experience

Palmer is proud of her team, speaking highly of their energy, focus and intention. The instructors help to create a safe, exploratory place for all students.

She explains: “We give everyone permission to do what feels good for them. I’m going to lay out a map for you and let you drive it. It’s cool to watch people in class take modifications without judgment.”

She’s not wrong, either. For every pose, instructors offer variations to take it deeper or to stay where someone feels more comfortable.  As someone who has injured herself more times than I’d like to admit, this approach is incredibly appealing. Beyond the environment, you’ll also find that barre3 offers a different twist on the familiar barre experience. It involves an interdisciplinary approach, drawing inspiration from ballet barre, pilates, and yoga. An evenly split trifecta! Fitted clothing is recommended, sticky socks are optional (bring on your inner yogi and feel the floor beneath you)!

The class is a 60-minute, full-body workout with a focus on cardio and strengthening the core and back while keeping your spine in a neutral position the entire time. There are no tucks or crunches because barre3 believes that takes your spine out of its natural alignment. Each series starts with a hold (yes, it burns) followed by small movements that work deep in the muscle. This is where the shakes come. The series ends with big movements to flush out your body, and trust me, you will crave this moment.

The class is expertly sequenced to music, moving from standing poses to poses at the barre to reclined poses (and no, they are not any easier). And, the class is constantly changing.

Palmer explains: “Every six months the whole class is evolving. We are getting better and smarter. We are getting more in tune with our point of view about what’s happening with the body, asking ‘How can we make the body move in a way that feels good and that strengthens it?'”

What to expect if you’re new to barre3 Highlands Ranch

For newbies to barre3, Palmer encourages you to simply show up and leave your expectations at the door. If you have an open mind, Palmer says, you can let go of any stories you may have about not being flexible or not being a dancer.

“We are here for everyone, embracing you no matter where you are in life,” says Palmer.

barre3 highlands ranch Britney Palmer teaching barre

To Palmer, barre3 is much more than a workout.

She says: “It’s the place I can come and connect and let go of all the chaos outside the room. I can get a sweaty workout with that deep muscle burn and find a lot of mind-body connection, a lot of strength. But the biggest thing is that it’s a place to connect and to help you become a better version of who you are.”

Palmer hopes to bring that deeper connection to the Denver metro fitness community.

“I want to bring an inspiring studio to the area… You do this one hour workout so that the other 23 hours in your day are that much better.”

Experience barre3: FitLo Passport at barre3 Highlands Ranch, studio events and membership specials

  • Join us at the barre for the barre3 FitLo Passport event on Saturday morning, Dec. 16. Classes are free for FitLo Passport Members or $10 for FitLo guests. RSVP on Evenbrite.
  • Don’t miss barre3 Highlands Ranch’s January events including the nationwide b3 All In Challenge (complete 20 classes in 31 days with), Barre3 and Bubbles on Jan. 15, and a foam rolling class on Jan. 20.
  • Through December lock in the $99/month founding membership. Not quite ready for a membership? Get 3 classes for $40 (two week limit) or 20% off 10 class packages (originally $180)

All photos by Amy Blomquist

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BARRE3 Highlands Ranch Bringing On Positive Energy and Good Vibes

1493 Park Central Drive, Suite 100
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129

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