Barre Forte: A Passion to Unite Dance and Fitness

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Additional Formats Available: Yoga Dance Fitness HIIT Pilates Strength Training

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Barre Forte Around TownKim
Within the past four years Barre Forte has grown to four locations in the metro Denver area: Cherry Hills, Highlands Ranch, LoHi and Westminster, along with a location in Gainesville, Florida. There is plenty of Barre Forte around town for everyone!

As a barre instructor myself, I love to investigate unique interpretations of barre fitness, a format that has always had the intention to unite dance and fitness. But, I mean really, how many ways can you tuck, pulse and squeeze to the point where lovely ladies are cursing and shooting evil dagger eyes at their favorite instructors … and, keep coming back for more?!

Molly GreenWhat makes Barre Forte unique?

Barre Forte has all the goods that you would expect from a traditional barre workout. What makes them unique? Jen and Nadia have created a brand of barre studios that delivers variety. Each location has distinct qualities that offer options to change up your barre routine. Here’s a quick summary:

Barre Express – Condensed 40 min class
Barre Forte – Classic Barre
Barre Fuzed – Barre, Dance, Yoga – High intensity, low impact
Barre Sculpt – Light & heavy weights with emphasis on strength
Barre X – Barre and Suspension Training
Below the Belt – Emphasis on core, glutes, hamstrings and thighs
Burn at the Barre – Cardio intervals sprinkled in between barre exercises

Whew! Seriously, that is quite an assortment of classes for a boutique barre studio. You won’t get bored, that’s for sure! Bonus: The Highlands Ranch location also shares space with Vertical Academy, which offers pole fitness classes – called “Vertical”.

Vertical 100Have you ever taken a pole class? I am woman, hear me roar.
Pole class. Now that’s some empowering special sauce. From my perspective, walking into a room with a couple rows of stripper poles and surrounding mirrors can make a gal feel a bit intimidated, apprehensive, or even self-conscious. I asked myself – Will I feel comfortable doing this for 60 minutes?

I took ‘Vertical 100’ with Roxy Star (pole class for the newbies).  Wow! She not only teaches you how to do cool pole moves we all wish we could do; she also leads each class with an empowering message. I strutted out with my head high, ready to take control like I was “Bringing Sexy Back” with class and sass. My takeaway and always an important reminder:

No matter what your mind tells you, how you may compare yourself with others, or what you think you look like, WE ALL have feminine power and sex appeal It’s about your inner fire, passion and beauty.

Barre Forte DeskLearn about the founders
Barre Forte is a boutique barre studio that offers the traditional barre class experience and beyond. In 2012 Barre Forte was founded in Colorado by two women, Jen Rehm and Nadia Walker, with a passion to unite dance and fitness. Read their story.

Barre Teacher Certification 
Are you curious about getting certified to teach barre classes? Barre Forte regularly leads Barre Teacher Training! See the schedule and learn more.

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Barre Forte: A Passion to Unite Dance and Fitness
(303) 218-7765

Highlands Ranch
36 West Springer
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Cherry Hills
6895 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80224

1553 Platte St
Denver, CO 80202

14375 Orchard Pkwy
Westminster, CO 80023

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