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As both a barre instructor and barre student, I love barre class. ‘Meet me at the barre’ anytime, friends! Barre gets me in the zone and to the present moment. I love the burn, the shake, and the feeling I can’t do one more pulse. I even love the actual barre itself as I grew up spending hours in the ballet studio.  I’m a glutton for it all!  I was excited to dive in and explore barre class at Pure Barre Belmar for this feature.

Pure Barre is the largest and one of the most sought after barre studio franchises. There are more than 370 Pure Barre studio locations in North America. Pure Barre is huge. When I met the owner of Pure Barre Belmar, Kristen Baylis, I knew this franchise studio had something special way beyond the big business of owning a fitness franchise. I could feel the heart, soul and passion Kristen pours into her studio.

About Pure Barre Belmar owner, Kristen Baylis

Kristen grew up exercising from Jane Fonda tapes in second grade to swimming and running track in High School. As an adult she hopped around to many fitness modalities, achieving goals, but also getting injured due to her scoliosis. At one point her doctor told her she was one degree away from a brace and she needed to do more to strengthen her core. This is when she found Pure Barre. She began taking classes regularly. Injuries stopped occurring and her scoliosis stopped progressing.  At this time Kristen was practicing law full time. Pure Barre made it easy to take class during lunch. She could get in a 50 minute workout and get out without getting sweaty. Oh yeah, there’s that too: Barre is an incredible full body workout with minimal sweat. Seem too good to be true, right? It’s so true! Keep your blowout looking fresh and your booty looking fine, ladies… and gents. Men are welcome at Pure Barre.

Kristen opened Pure Barre Belmar in June 2017. She left 12 hour days and a partnership track at the law firm. It has been a leap of faith, but worth it. Now Kristen gets to connect with people and support them in a positive way.

“As a lawyer I would help people who were often dealing with negative situations. People would say it was nice to meet me and spend time with me, but they hoped they would never have to see me again due to circumstances of our meeting. Now, I get to see clients and members regularly to help them find mind/body connection and improve their strength and confidence. This is an authentic space for me. The fulfillment I get from helping others as a Pure Barre studio owner and instructor is priceless.” – Kristen Baylis

Pure Barre Belmar Barre Instructors

Kristen enjoys adding all the little details that make the Pure Barre Belmar studio an inviting space to escape the daily grind and relieve stress. From the welcoming reception team and the lightly candle-scented aroma in the air, to the stylish boutique, there are subtle touches that make all the difference in making the Pure Barre Belmar studio a fresh and inviting space to let go. It’s no surprise that Kristen also has a chic lifestyle blog that oozes class and inspiration. It’s called Designedly Living (@designedlyliving) This is a new project for Kristen. What’s her inspiration? Kristen realized that as a lawyer she was trained to see the facts first before she could buy in or believe. This felt like an empty way of living for her. Through meditation and a shift in mindset she has changed her view of her life’s journey.
“I use to think, if I see it, then I’ll believe it. Now, I have fully embraced a changed perspective of believe it and you will see it. Instead of reacting to what life brings, I now focus on creating my reality. Everything I do is intentional and I feel like I am in the right place.” – Kristen Baylis

This is the intention Kristen pours into her blog as well as the community and team of instructors at her studio. She empowers her members and clients to believe in themselves from a place that comes within rather than an external view in the mirror.

Pure Barre classes are consistently challenging with a well thought out class design. In 50 minutes you will be led through a warmup, through a full  body workout, and all the way to a relaxing stretch and cool down. You will never take the same class twice as instructors have the freedom of selecting expertly designed exercises and creating the theme or focus of the class.
barre class at pure barre belmar

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Barre Class at Pure Barre Belmar


There are currently 14 Pure Barre locations in Colorado. Find a location here

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