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Barre in the Park was started by Megan Campbell in 2012 as pop-up barre in Stapleton. It was a community class for friends because at the time, there wasn’t much barre in Stapleton available. Megan’s pop-up barre classes were an instant hit. Soon Barre in the Park grew to become the first barre studio in Stapleton. Megan recently changed the name to Barre Central because classes are no longer in the park. All classes are now in her attached car garage, which has been transformed into a barre studio! The barre classes, instructors and community are undoubtedly top notch. Above all, the founder, Megan Campbell, is a fierce and a powerful force for empowering women and moms. I’m obsessed with Megan, her story, and, how Barre Central Denver got started.  Barre in a garage is not what you’d expect from a barre studio in Stapleton. I love how Barre Central breaks the mold!

About the founder and owner of Barre Central, Megan Campbell.

Megan grew up as an athlete in Alaska. She was on the gymnastics and diving team throughout high school. She went to college in Arizona, spent some time in St. Louis and then landed in Stapleton. During this time Megan dabbled with different types of fitness programs and workouts. She often ended up running and participating in races to stay motivated. Whenever she tried a new fitness format, Megan would get bored after a few weeks. In 2012 Megan discovered a barre class in Stapleton, and that was it. Megan had found the fitness modality that she could stick with and couldn’t get enough of. She had found  her favorite barre instructor and  realized she wanted to become a barre instructor herself. Megan asked her favorite instructor where she got certified and that’s how Megan went on to get certified with a Definitive Barre Fitness barre certification.

Pro Tip: If you are thinking of teaching any kind of fitness or yoga format. Ask your favorite instructor or trainer where they got certified and about their journey to becoming an instructor. If you like how they teach, that is a sign that you will like the certification program they used. Also, FitLo just started a listing of certifications, jobs and auditions. Check it out the FitLo Jobs listing here.

Barre in the Park barre in Stapleton
July 4, 2015: The first Barre in the Park pop-up class.

Barre Central was the first barre studio in Stapleton – How did it get started?

“Well, it started as a drunk idea.” Megan explained with a laugh. Once she was certified, she taught a couple classes a week at a nearby gym. Megan was given feedback that her classes were too hard. She knew that her classes were challenging, but she also knew they were safe and effective. Real talk: Barre should be hard. “It (barre) should never get easier, it should continuously get harder. If it’s getting easier, then, there is an issue,” Megan says about barre class. I like this statement because after spending time with Megan, I feel like this relates to more than just barre class. It symbolizes how in life we need to continue to challenge ourselves and do things that are uncomfortable, like “upright chair“. That barre exercise is hard every time, but so worth it.

What would you do in this situation? Well, Megan talked it out with a friend over a brew at a Stapleton block party.  They decided that Megan needed to start teaching pop-up barre in Stapleton at the park across the street from her house. On July 4 2015, 30 people showed up for the first Barre in the Park class. Megan had a feeling she was on to something.

Barre Central Denver studio barre in Stapleton
Megan’s garage transformed into a barre studio.

Going for it. The making of a barre studio from scratch.

Megan started teaching regular barre classes at the park across the street.  She made homemade punch cards to track registrations and payments. Soon she needed an indoor space for the winter months. Megan didn’t think she had any idea on how to run a business, but went for it anyway. She transformed her attached garage into a modest studio space with cheap carpet remnants, college dorm mirrors and a ballet barre she found on Amazon. She refused to take out any loans. The garage space wasn’t fancy, but it worked as her client base continued to grow. All the money she made was put back into transforming her garage into a legit barre studio. Soon Megan needed to hire a team of instructors to keep up with the demand of a full class schedule. Barre Central continues to grow with a thriving community and membership.

“I have bigger dreams than a garage studio, but I don’t want them to come with a giant price tag.” Megan explained.

Before Barre Central, Megan was a stay at home wife and mom of two young children. As Barre Central grew she went through a divorce. Megan was determined to keep the house and her homegrown studio. It was a struggle for her to overcome. I asked how she stays motivated when faced with adversity. Without hesitation Megan said, “My clients. Even if I feel like crawling into a ball and not getting out of bed, I get up and show up fully every day for my clients. They are what keep me going. I don’t like to bitch and complain. If there is a problem. Let’s fix it and move on.”

I feel inspired by Megan’s no nonsense approach and her determination to achieve what she believes in. Taking class with Megan and her team at Barre Central is much more than a challenging barre class. Barre Central is a space of inspiration and a symbol of strength and courage to stay the course even when faced with uncertainty and doubt. Megan reminds me that you can do so much more than you think you can. I know Megan will outgrow her garage barre studio, but for now you can enjoy barre class in Stapleton inside Megan’s garage. Oh, and I promise, you will forget you are in a garage!

barre central barre in Stapleton

About Barre Central Classes

All of Barre Central classes are accessible to all levels. Megan and the Barre Central instructors are pros at meeting you where you are and making the class work for your body. I consider myself to have a strong barre practice. Megan was sure to stop by my side and make subtle adjustments to make sure I was at the proper level of ass kicking. I consistently got to the point where I thought I could go no further and was showing my resting barre face with intermittent death stares, which is ultimately where I want to be in a barre class. For classmates that were less experienced she helped with encouragement and modifications. The Barre Central environment is intimate and supportive, and while it is challenging, the vibe is not intimidating. Classes offered include:

Barre Fitness: The Barre Central signature barre class. This class is challenging, but scalable and meant for all levels of fitness and barre experience. This is one perfect for your first barre class.

Barre AmpedUP: Like it sounds, this is barre class designed to get your heart rate elevated while you get your barre on. There are options to stay low impact or add in some high impact movements. Get ready to sweat and sculpt.

Barre + Bounce: A whole new animal that mixes intervals of rebounding on a mini-trampoline with barre exercise sets. Hello massive cardio! You will sweat and bounce a lot. Rebounding is a fun new way to get your sweat on and feel the barre burn while still keeping your workout low impact.

Barre 45: This is a signature barre class condensed down to 45 minutes. Great for cutting time, but trust me, it won’t  be easier. You will still get in a full workout.

Child Care: Child care is available every day at the 9:15 am class for $5 per child.

Barre Central Instructors barre in Stapleton
Barre Central owner, Megan Campbell and team of instructors.

Live Interview with Megan Campbell, Founder of Barre Central

Meet Megan + Take Barre Central Classes with FitLo at Upcoming Events

It can be tough to get out to try something new. This is your chance to join us  for some quality time with Barre Central so you don’t have to go alone! We would love to meet you and have you come try a class with us. Plus, there will be lots of  goodies and prizes because we like to bring the party to fitness.

Meet us at the Barre:

  • Tues, Aug 28 @5:30 pm: FitLo Passport Event: Barre Fitness Tuesday at Barre Central. Register Here.
  • Sat, Sept 15: OmFest – Barre Central will be leading Barre + Bounce classes during the festival.
FitLo Ambassadors Jordan Quinn Smith Photography
Photo by @jordanquinnphoto

What are FitLo Passport Events?

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Barre in Stapleton: 100% Organic, Made From Scratch.

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